Feeling Uninspired? Give Your Creativity a Boost

Feeling Uninspired? Give Your Creativity a Boost

Have you ever gone through a period when you could not create? When you could not come up with an engaging premise or an artful expression?

If you said no to the above questions, I hate you. At least, I suspect you’re not being truthful. Or maybe you’re just really good at refreshing yourself to get the ideas flowing again. (If so, skip to the end of this article, because I need your input. . .)

But if you are like most people who create, you have likely undergone occasional periods when you feel uninspired, and nothing you produce has that spark that you know you have inside you. Arrgh! It’s so frustrating!

How to get out of that funk?

Creativity Boosting Strategies:

  • Take a dump—a thought dump. Julia Cameron, in her wonderful book and course, The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, recommends the daily practice of what she calls “Morning Pages,” three sheets of paper which you fill longhand with the thoughts cluttering up your brain. This is sheer stream-of-consciousness writing, not pretty at all. Get all your concerns out of your head so you can free your brain to be brilliant.
  • Walk. Movement, besides being good for your body, stimulates your brain. I prefer to walk outside, preferably in someplace beautiful, like a park, but your own neighborhood will do. Be on the lookout for ordinary beauty (like a flower), but also for the remarkable (like a hummingbird). Let your mind wander. Which leads to the next suggestion. . .
  • Daydream. As a child, my teachers often complained to my parents that I daydreamed in the classroom, and so I was strongly encouraged to focus on the task at hand. Focus is good, but you can’t force the muse. So I am giving you permission (print this article out and highlight this sentence so you don’t forget) to every now and then spend time lost in your own thoughts. Creativity often comes when we unleash our imaginations. Which leads to the next suggestion. . .
  • Brainstorm. Generate ideas—but aim for quantity, not quality at this point. Jot down every thought that enters your head without judgment. If you write down 25 stupid ideas, I guarantee one or two of them will have potential for brilliance. Another way to do this is say “What if. . .” and complete it with whatever quirky idea comes to you. (What if George Washington married Beyonce? What if hamburgers could fly?)
  • The Alternative Uses Test. This is something like brainstorming. You take a common item, like a spoon or a water bottle, and come up with as many new applications for it as you can. Great discoveries have been made through this activity, but what it really does is help you think outside the box, which is what geniuses and creative people do.
  • Enjoy music, movies, and books—especially those that are different from what you usually gravitate to and teach you something new. The more kinds of art and information you expose yourself to, the more material you have to ignite your own creativity and originality.
  • Enhance your workspace with plants and things that speak to you, like a souvenir from a favorite vacation or a lovely photo cut from a magazine. If you love to be at your desk or drawing board or studio, creating is less of a chore.
  • Start. After you’ve taken a break to recharge, it’s time to jump back into work. Be gentle with yourself, but practice the discipline necessary to create your art.

Now it’s your turn. If you are the person who could not relate to the first paragraph of this article, please tell us how you manage to avoid getting stuck. We’re holding our collective breaths in anticipation of your profound wisdom. Or, if you have a strategy for getting back into the flow of creation, please share it in the comments below.

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  1. Well Andrea, You need to read my post from this morning. It may give you an insight on where I am and how I am going to fix it! Everything you have listed is how I re-group after taking a pitfall into the abyss of working on a doomed project! LOL. I am really missing my walking, but here in South Texas it is so hot in the early morning that I have had to resort to the indoor exercise bike and that is not releasing any endorphins! All the things you mentioned are the best way to get on track with creativity! I finally found your blog and now getting emails on your posts! This one is a great one! Hugs

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    • I do that too. I have three novels in progress. Wish I could get one of them to the finish line. When I get stuck, I just move to the next. . .
      I’m the same way with reading. I usually have five books in progress, and I switch depending on my mood.

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