ICAD2022 Day 61; World Watercolor Month 2022 Day 31


One final half-zendala for the last day of ICAD and World Watercolor Month. Patterns used: Brayd, Cat-Kin, MI2, Golven, Laced, Gem.

Half-zendala #3

This year I made a total of 38 cards, far less than the goal of 61; last year I completed 52. I comfort myself with the thought that if I complied with my normal goal of working on an art project on every even-numbered day, I’d actually have fewer products to show.

All my ICAD cards 2022

My cards are evenly divided between the calligraphy practice I did in June and the watercolors I made in July. I love doing challenges like these, because they push me to be more deliberate in my practice. As of this writing, these two cards got the most “likes” on ARHtistic License:


This card got the most likes on Instagram:

Ogee grid with onamato and A.L.F.
Ogee grid with onamato and A.L.F.

That surprised me, because my absolute favorite of the bunch is this one:


And I’m also very fond of these two:

Half-Zendala #1

I always enjoy these challenges, and I love seeing what other participants post.

Click to see more ICAD offerings and more WWM paintings on Instagram.

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