OctPoWriMo2022 Day 23


It seems no one posted an “official” prompt for today, so I borrowed one from Diane Lockward’s The Crafty Poet II: the repurposed haiku. The directions read:

Choose one haiku that has words you like. Write each word, one per line, down the left side of a piece of paper. Each word begins a new line of your new poem . . . You are not writing a haiku.

This is the haiku I chose:

Glorious sunset
Decorating the night sky…
Awaiting the moon
—David Fox

And here is my poem:

awaiting the moonrise 

glorious summer evening
sunset projects its technicolor light show
decorating the mesa with jewel tones until
the sun sinks and the sky fades
night smothers the blazing colors like a blanket tossed over embers
sky deepens to midnight black
awaiting the pin-pricks of stars piercing its canopy
the distant suns winking
moon rises and rules the sky


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