15 Ideas for Blog Posts with a Christmas Theme

15 Ideas for Blog Posts with a Christmas Theme

Bloggers, it’s December already. Have you planned some holiday posts for your blog? No ideas? No worries! You could write about:

  • Other December holidays your family observes. Do you celebrate Kwanzaa or Hanukkah? Write about the history of your holiday (for readers who might not know) and share what it means to you.
  • Organizational tips for Christmas. How do you get everything done? Do you do a little bit all year long? Do you set goals and give yourself deadlines to achieve them?
  • Memorable holiday celebrations. Whether it was the Christmas you got your dream gift or your first one as a married couple, your followers will love reading about it.
  • Favorite traditions. Do you always go to midnight Mass? Do you eat latkes? Go caroling? Would it not be Christmas if you didn’t eat candy canes?
  • Ideas for family Christmas photos. Whether you get special cards printed up or just post them on Instagram. Wear matching outfits or sit on the staircase. Give us your best poses. Here are some ideas to get you going.
  • Christmas gift suggestions. Themed lists are great: gifts for teachers; gifts for the man who has everything; 25 gifts under $25.
  • Advent ideas for families. Maybe you’d like to draw attention away from the commercialism of the season and proactively focus on the religious aspects. What are some meaningful ways to deepen your spirituality?
  • Christmas crafts that kids can make. Decorations, cards, ornaments, gifts, wrapping paper.
  • Favorite Christmas ornaments. Take pictures of some of yours, and tell the stories behind them. Were they given to you? Did you buy them as souvenirs of trips? Were they handed down in your family?
  • Favorite Christmas recipes. If you’ve got one, share it. Here’s a Christmas breakfast recipe from the ARHtistic License archives.
  • Favorite Christmas books. I like to read a new Christmas book every year if I can, and sometimes I revisit old favorites. Here’s an article about Christmas books from Doing Life Together.
  • Favorite Christmas carols. This could be a simple list, or you could embed YouTube videos. I love this article about “Breath of Heaven” from MyOBT.
  • Favorite nativity scenes. Maybe you have one. Maybe you love the one at your church. Maybe your friend has a collection of them. Here are some lovely nativities from Parenting with a Smile.
  • Favorite Christmas movies. Clue your readers in to the best ones to watch. Here’s a review of several Christmas movies from the ARHtistic License archives.
  • Activities to occupy children over winter break. Your readers will thank you on December 27 for this one, whether you suggest writing old-fashioned thank you notes, drinking cocoa with marshmallows, or skating on a frozen pond.

Okay, bloggers. I hope this gets your creative inspiration going for some fabulous December blog posts. Feel free to post your links in the comments below so we can see what you’re doing.

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