Tangles for Christmas 2022


Every December I spend my art-making time doing Zentangle designs. The tangle group I belong to on Facebook, Tangle All Around, has a challenge this month called The Gift of Tangles–31 designs to try out, many of them Christmas-related. I used some of those designs this month, and others I found online.

This one below is called Rambles. It reminds me of floral ribbon, the kind with wires in the edges that you can use to shape it.


On this journal page I tried out a bunch of patterns. They are labeled with their names and designers. (The first one is called Line Pine. Sorry about the typo.)

Line pine, pointsettia, Litez, Stella, Baubles

Usually Zentangle designs are not supposed to be used as representational art. But another member of Tangle All Around, Dorte Pedersen, drew a gorgeous grouping of Line Pines, and inspired me to try one myself. It’s my favorite piece this month.

Line pines

I took Line Pine one step further and used it as a string for other tangle designs. They are: Stella, Run CC by Yu Ru Chen (this is a variation), FleruiToo by Genevieve Crabe, All Boxed Up by Alice Herndon, S-Knot by Curtis, Tripple Tipple by Ina Sonnenmoser, Jetties, DEA by Marlene Graffig, Hugs by Sarah Harrison, and Circus by Angie Gittles.

Line Pine, Stella, Run CC (variation), FleuriToo, All Boxed Up, S-Knot, Triple tipple, Jetties, DEA, Hugs, Circus

Spiteria by Wanphai:

Spiteria by WanPhai

Betweed by Maria Thomas looks to me like a star woven out of pine trees or palm trees. Even though I like it better in black and white, to test my theory, I inked some of the trees with green. Is it just me, or do you see trees too?


5 C Wiggles by Ina Sonnenmoser, Jingles by Jan Easter, Ice Flakes by Nicole Dreyer, Snowflowers by Linda Rae:

5 C Wiggles, Jingles, Ice Flakes, Snowflowers

Want to see more Christmas Tangles? Here are some from the ARHtistic License archives: from 2021, 2020201920182017.

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