Creative Juice #324

Creative Juice #324

Interesting stuff to ponder before the New Year.

  • Patterns in the camera’s eye.
  • Three photographers critique submitted winter photos. (They spend the first five minutes or so chitchatting, so you might want to cue it a bit further on.)
  • An artist’s first show.
  • A peek at a wonderful sketchbook.
  • Adorable cat photos. Please forgive me if I’ve already posted these.
  • Cleaning hacks.
  • In 1860, Mount Zion AME Church in Trenton, NJ established the Locust Hill Cemetery, the final resting place for at least 178 people, including 10 Civil War veterans. But by 1905, it was forgotten, used as a dumping ground. How one man’s historic vision saved it from obscurity.
  • Interview with Cameron Crowe.
  • I’m not on TikTok. Did you know #BookTok is an effective marketing tool for book lovers and authors?
  • Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque.
  • Is this what primordial soup might have looked like?
  • A little glimpse of charming Jersey City.

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