The Grammys 2023 Best R&B Song


Again, I never heard any of the songs in this category before this week.

First up is Queen B. Unfortunately, this song uses the F-word all the way through. I guess “cuff” is the F-word backwards. (You’d think a team of eight songwriters could come up with better lyrics.) The official video is a very annoying animation that makes Beyoncé look like a Barbie doll. I chose this fan-made video instead. “Cuff It,” Denisia “Blu June” Andrews, Beyoncé, Mary Christine Brockert, Brittany “Chi” Coney, Terius “The Dream” Gesteelde-Diamant, Morten Ristorp, Nile Rodgers & Raphael Saadiq, songwriters; performed by Beyoncé:

I love Mary J. Blige. “Good Morning Gorgeous,” Mary J. Blige, David Brown, Dernst Emile II, Gabriella Wilson & Tiara Thomas, songwriters; performed by Mary J. Blige:

I’ve never heard Muni Long before. She has an amazing voice, but I don’t like the nose ring. (Thank goodness, she takes it off.) “Hrs & Hrs,” Hamadi Aaabi, Dylan Graham, Priscilla Renea, Thaddis “Kuk” Harrell, Brandon John-Baptiste, Isaac Wriston & Justin Nathaniel Zim, songwriters; performed by Muni Long:

I’ve never heard Jazmine Sullivan before. What a wonderful voice! “Hurt Me So Good,” Akeel Henry, Michael Holmes, Luca Mauti, Jazmine Sullivan & Elliott Trent, songwriters; performed by Jazmine Sullivan:

I’ve never heard PJ Morton before, either. I really appreciate his voice, smooth as melted chocolate, and every word clearly pronounced. The combination of lyrics and poignant melody had me close to tears.

I like Beyoncé, but “Cuff It” makes me cringe. I really like all of the other four songs, but which is the Best R&B Song?

I think I like “Hurt Me So Good” the best, even if I’m not crazy about the message. “Please Don’t Walk Away” is a close second.

Now it’s your turn. Which of these songs should win the Grammy? Why? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

About Andrea R Huelsenbeck

Andrea R Huelsenbeck is a wife, a mother of five and a former elementary general music teacher. A freelance writer in the 1990s, her nonfiction articles and book reviews appeared in Raising Arizona Kids, Christian Library Journal, and other publications. She is currently working on a young adult mystical fantasy novel and a mystery.

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  1. Once again I realize how out of touch I am with current music, though I’m not really upset about that. One person I’m surprised is not in this category is Lizzo. I don’t know much of her music at all, but I kind of like what I’ve heard of it. There’s something that’s a little retro about her style, and I like artists who are willing to embrace the past and add something to it.

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