Happy Valentangles Day 2023!


Every year around this time, I make some heart-themed tangles.

First up–this pattern is called Zghetti by Nancy Garcia:

Valentangle 1

Next is Allegra by Claudia Schaulin (the border of the heart) and Tubez by Ludmilla Blum (the interior):

Valentangle 2

Amore by Adele Bruno:

Valentangle 3

Persian Hearts by Neil Burley:

Zentangle 3A

Cross Ur Heart by Jenna Black:

Valentangle 4

In this one, the border is Heartrope by Bunny Wright; the central design is Heart Burst by Barbara Duel Johnson, and the one that reminds me of ribbon candy is Puffle by Sandy Hunter.

Valentangle 5

And finally, the outside border of this one is Scrolled Heart and the interior pattern is Walp, both designed by Helen Williams.

Valentangle 6

These patterns were suggested by daily challenges in a Facebook group that I am a member of, Tangle All Around. For me, the most fun one to draw was Neil Burley’s Persian Hearts.

Now it’s your turn. Which of these is your favorite? Let me know in the comments. And if you’re brave, try copying it. If you need a little help, google the pattern names + zentangle or tangle, and you may be able to find directions online.

If you’d like to see my Valentangles from previous years, here they are from 2022,  2021202020192018, and 2017.

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