How Do You Promote Your Blog?


Just for kicks, on Wednesday I studied my blog stats to find out where my hits come from. (If you have a WordPress platform blog, as I do, a good place to look is on your stats page. Under referrers, click View Details and then the All Time tab.) Here’s what I learned. Other than the people who come directly to my blog because they are subscribers, readers find ARHtistic License through:

  1. Search engines. Most readers come to my blog because they searched for topics that I happen to cover. That is why SEO (search engine optimization) is so important. You want to make it easy for search engines to discover your site. It’s funny—every so often, I notice that one of my old posts is getting a lot of attention. Right now it’s my review of Mary Oliver’s poetry collection, Devotions, which I posted in 2018. It’s been viewed over a hundred times this month, more than in 2018 and 2019 combined. (The most annual views it’s ever had before now was 92 in 2021.) I categorized it under book reviews and poetry, and tagged it Mary Oliver and Devotions. When I categorize and tag, I always ask myself, if I wanted to read an article like this, what would I Google?
  2. Facebook. This surprised me, because I have a personal Fb page and one for AL, and I used to post a link to every article on both Fb pages, and they seldom got much attention on Facebook. So, many of the referrals from Facebook must be from other readers sharing my posts on their own Fb pages. Thank you, everybody who does that! How do I keep that happening? I think the strategy would be to share other bloggers’ posts on Facebook and earn myself some good karma.
  3. Pinterest. I used to pin all my posts on my Pinterest boards, but I stopped years ago. I should probably start again, since Pinterest is my third largest referrer. Thanks to all my readers who pin my posts!
  4. Blogs where I comment or where the author has linked to my blog. Bloggers, we don’t have competitors, we have a community. When you write a nice comment on someone else’s blog post, readers take notice and want to get to know you better, so they click on your Gravatar (if you’re commenting on a WordPress blog; on other platforms you have an option to sign in with your blog’s web address). And if you notice good content on someone else’s blog and link to it in your post, you’re being supportive. (Good things happen to people who are supportive.)
  5. Twitter. I don’t see a lot of interest on many of my own tweets, so it must be the readers who share my posts on Twitter who are driving the hits on my blog. Again, thank you! How do I keep that coming? I suspect retweeting other people’s tweets helps.
  6. My Medium site. I have a site on Every week I import my three best posts from ARHtistic License there, and yes, people want to see more, so they check out my main blog.
  7. Sites where I guest blog. I sometimes contribute articles to other blogs. These are freebies; I don’t get paid for them. But they do give me exposure, and I can put a link to ARHtistic License in my bio. Interested people will click.
  8. Instagram. I occasionally post some artwork or a quilt or a picture of my dog on Instagram. I could be more intentional about it, try to post something every day.
  9. Flipboard. I discovered Flipboard years ago, and created a few “publications” into which I linked interesting articles I found, in addition to ARHtistic License posts. Readers search topics and read content that others have selected as worthwhile. At the time, I was using Safari as my browser, but Safari was not doing a good job of remaining compatible with online software. I had difficulty getting into Flipboard, so I stopped linking there. Eventually, Safari became less compatible with WordPress, and I discovered that Google Chrome worked a whole lot better. By that time I’d kind of lost interest in Flipboard; I haven’t contributed anything in years. Nevertheless, I am still getting a couple hits a month from Flipboard. On Wednesday I tried logging in to Flipboard, but I kept getting an error message saying there was a server error and to try again later. I don’t know if I want to get active there again or just let that avenue go.
  10. Challenges. I participate in a lot of blogging challenges, like the A-to-Z Challenge in April, and Cee’s photography challenges. Participants usually check out other people’s offerings, and I get a substantial number of clicks as a result.

Checking out my stats gave me insights on where my audience comes from and what I might do to draw more people to my blog. I hope I’ve given you some helpful advice as well.

One more thing—I recently read in AARP magazine that to increase your odds of becoming famous, you should post videos online. Did you know that 81% of Americans use YouTube, and TikTok has more than a billion users worldwide? I don’t have a TikTok account (and don’t want one), and I don’t want to be famous, but I’d love to have enough followers on ARHtistic License that when I finish a book, a publisher will see that I have a built-in readership to market toward. How many followers would that be? Maybe 50,000? I already have almost 1400 subscribers. I have a YouTube channel, but I use it mostly for compiling playlists. The only original content I’ve put up have been a couple of recorder videos where I play one part of a duet so another recorder player can play along with me, plus some folk dance videos of the Phoenix International Folk Dancers and our annual Folk Dance Festivals. But I’ve been meaning to do some video blogging—just short, maybe five-minute videos relating to the arts or the creative process. Maybe that should be one of my goals for this year.

Now it’s your turn. Bloggers, how do you promote your blog? Is there something you want to do to spread the word about your content? Share in the comments below.

About Andrea R Huelsenbeck

Andrea R Huelsenbeck is a wife, a mother of five and a former elementary general music teacher. A freelance writer in the 1990s, her nonfiction articles and book reviews appeared in Raising Arizona Kids, Christian Library Journal, and other publications. She is currently working on a young adult mystical fantasy novel and a mystery.

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  1. for better or worse, I’m kind of indifferent to promoting myself or my blog. I discovered long ago, from studying well-known people of my acquaintance, that being well-known often requires tireless self-promotion. I’m not going to do it. I mention my blog when I speak somewhere, and I give out my cards when I teach or meet people, but that’s it. I appreciate your ideas. Many of my hits come from Pinterest, often from an interview I did years ago with a fellow quilter. Why do you want more people to come to your blog? Just curious.

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    • I kind of explained why in the article. I’m working on a couple of novels, but it’s so hard to get a publisher to give you a break unless you’ve already built a platform. If I had a bigger following on my blog, I could point to that as evidence that people care about what I write.

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  2. The AtoZ really does quite a job of getting found doesn’t it? I haven’t participated in a couple years but it sure spiked my views and visits. Twitter does have analytics for videos I post from Etsy and when someone shares a blog post. Kinda shows the traffic isn’t great but maybe quality is better than quantity? Also Instagram is my biggest stake when I contribute. I like the one photo a day thing that is much like blogging–when you visit others, they reciprocate. The FMS challenge in particular. I’d recommend it.

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  3. I haven’t heard of some of your sites so will definitely check those
    out.   Since mine are all quilting related, I cross-post daily to a
    number of quilting FB groups.   That is where most of my traffic is
    coming from.   The trick is to turn them into subscribers!!!
    Sometime after tax season is over, could we do a zoom chat.   Since you have been my “mentor” for all of this, I would love to pick your
    brain even more!!!

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  4. Hmmm…I have a hard time getting into this blogging thing. years ago I did blog more often …when I was doing more card making. but lately ..,meaning several years…I have reposted more than doing my own thing. When wordpress made a lot of changes I just got confused and things just didn’t work as easy. Someday I’ll get back into it …I need too.

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    • I also had a really hard time a few years ago when WordPress rolled out their block formatting. So confusing. I’m sure I’m not using the new system to its best advantage. I don’t like my software to be updated. Why fix what ain’t broken?

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