Creative Juice #341

Creative Juice #341

Lots of art in this group of articles.

  • Lovely quilts.
  • Interesting sculptures.
  • A daughter remembers her father.
  • Prize-winning photographs.
  • The Devil’s Ladder.
  • Habits that raise your general intelligence.
  • Life Advice from 20 different sources.
  • Workers who build multi-million dollar homes in Montana can’t afford to live within commuting distance, so they live in homeless shelters or in their cars until they can afford a little RV. Housing inequity is coming to your state, too. Maybe it’s already here.
  • Watercolor lettering. Smitha makes it look so easy. My past attempts have not turned out so great. I noticed in the video that she doesn’t obsess about each letter. She just paints it and goes on to the next. Maybe it’s her brush. Yes, I ordered it. We’ll see if it does the trick.
  • The fabulous Alice Hendon, who is the Admin for the tangle Facebook group I belong to, has a new book out, featuring artwork from members of the group. See the review here.
  • Artist Clare Youngs’ Instagram page.
  • I love Suhita Shirodkar’s sketches.

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