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Creative Juice #121

Creative Juice #121

Ending the year with lots of creative ideas.


Tangled for Christmas

Tangled for Christmas

My art goal for December was to have at least ten Christmas-related Zentangle designs to show you. I’m a little short. I started another yesterday that I didn’t finish in time for this post. If it’s done before Saturday, I’ll include it in my year-end report.

If these snowflakes look familiar, it might be because I posted them a week and a half ago for the Diva Holidaze challenge:

Zentangle, snowflakes

I’ve always thought the pattern verdigogh looks like pine tree snippets:

Zentangle, verdigogh

I tried to make a Christmas tree from the henna drum pattern, but it wasn’t looking very Christmasy, so I began drawing clusters of holly leaves in place of the blossoms:

Zentangle, henna drum, holly

Here’s a Christmas tree made with aura-leah:

Zentangle, aura-leah, Christmas tree

I made a many-branched luv-a and turned it upside down for a Christmas tree. I’m pleased with the way it turned out.

Zentangle, luv-a, Christmas tree

This tree started out as flux and got embellished:


I thought munchin had the potential to look like tumbling Christmas trees, but I discovered that when I built them in clockwise clusters of five, they looked kind of like cubist stars. (My husband thinks they look like crystals–he was a geology major.)


My final Christmas tree is built from ahh, paradox, pearlz, ramy, heartline, muzic, flutter, jacki, and btl joos.


Creative Juice #120

Creative Juice #120

Christmas is a good time to consider books (they make great gifts, just sayin’) and other beautiful things.

In the Meme Time: Art from the Heart


Illustrationist workspace concept with copy space

Guest Post: The Designer Axe by Donna of My OBT


Thank you to Donna of My One Beautiful Thing for sharing the most beautiful electric guitars I’ve ever seen.


tpp The Painted Player Co.

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Favorite Memes of 2018

Favorite Memes of 2018

Every Friday I share a meme on ARHtistic License. I used to post memes I found on Twitter or Facebook, but I couldn’t always credit them to the creator. In 2016 I decided to make my own. I still post memes I find on social media, but only if the source is easily discernible.

Continuing a tradition I started last year, here are my favorite memes of 2018. The first three have to do with the arts in a general way:

Art for Art's Sake

Persistence; perseverance

Joy of Creativity

The next group specifically relates to writing:



Author, writing

Unique story

The final group of memes illustrate truths about life:

Head above water

A photo by Andrew Small.


Marriage rachael-crowe-78854-unsplash

Positive Failure

#DC379: Holidaze


This week’s Diva Challenge is to create a holiday tile. Here’s mine: