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In the Meme Time: The Artist’s Perspective


The Artist's Perspective

I see gorgeous old wood peeking out from behind peeling paint; what should be transparent, isn’t; the missing pane of glass is a portal into darkness.

Now it’s your turn. What do you see? Share in the comments below.

Index-Card-a-Day, Week 3

Index-Card-a-Day, Week 3

I am participating in the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge, making a daily artwork on a 3″ x 5″ card.

On Day 12 I decided to create an illustration for a fairy tale I’m writing. This is my first try at drawing Fenton, who is a fairy prince.


Day 13’s prompt was kite. Stabilo pens on watercolor background.


Day 14’s prompt was chamomile. I drew it with Stabilo pens. This is my favorite card this week. (It was also my most liked card on Instagram this week.) It was fun to do. Because of the repetitiveness of it, I entered a mindful state; I’m counting this as a Zentangle pattern.


Day 15’s prompt was dandelion. Stabilo pens and white gelly roll pen on watercolor background.


Day 16 was a busy day for me; no card.

One of the themes for week 3 is collage, so I that’s what I did for Days 17 and 18. The College of New Jersey, where I did my Masters degree, has the most beautiful alumni magazine; I cut up the latest issue to make these:



Creative Juice #195

Creative Juice #195

Lots of beauty this week.

From the Creator’s Heart #259


Holly Mitchell Romans 15-13

Artwork by Holly Mitchell. Check out her beautiful art blog.

Index-Card-a-Day, Week 2

Index-Card-a-Day, Week 2

I’m participating in Daisy Yellow’s Index-Card-a-Day challenge, in which we make a piece of art every day on a 3″ x 5″ card. This week I ignored the prompt most days.

I love the creative work of illustrator Debbie Ridpath Ohi, including her found object art, so on Day 5 I tried one myself.


My most popular card on Instagram this week was my Day 6 card, prompt: dreamcatcher.


Toward my ongoing goal of drawing people, on Day 7 I made some emojis, trying to figure out how to change the facial features to portray the different emotions.


One of the benefits of participating in challenges is sometimes you have to learn something new. The prompt for Day 8 was suzani pattern. I didn’t know what that was.

It turns out suzani is a colorful embroidered textile from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan. I looked at pictures of some, and drew a pattern based on them. I used Stabilo pens on a watercolor background. This is my personal favorite this week.


Day 9 I found a reference drawing on my art inspiration board, and I copied it, except I changed the hands and feet.


On Day 10 I watched a video about drawing children’s faces.

This is my try:


For Day 11 I attempted to draw the same boy again, but with four different expressions. But they ended up being four different boys. I suspect I’ll have to draw this boy a few hundred times before I can draw him consistently. I like the surprised boy best.


Creative Juice #194

Creative Juice #194

Amusing. Beautiful. Interesting.

Sculpture Saturday: Map of Tempe



This sculpture stands outside the public library and represents a map of our town. It’s a little too abstract for me. I think the roundish stacked structure toward the top left is the stadium at Arizona State University, which would make the long flat area behind it the Salt River. I’ve wasted many minutes here trying to find my neighborhood; I’ve never succeeded.

More Sculpture Saturday.

Index-Card-a-Day, Week 1


Every June and July I participate in the #dyicad (Daisy Yellow Index-Card-a-Day) challenge. I commit to making a piece of art on an index card for every day for two months. The idea is that a 2″ x 3″ artwork is absolutely achievable on a daily basis.

I missed Day 1 of the challenge. Although I had ideas for the prompt (hopscotch), my sketches were unsuccessful, and I knew that Monday was just not my day.

Day 2’s prompt was marigold:


I chose not to use Day 3’s prompt (which is only a suggestion). Instead I drew a self-portrait, because I want to get better at drawing people.


On Day 4 I drew another person, not based on anyone in particular.


Each Saturday for the next two months, I will show you my icads up through Thursday.

By the way, July is World Watercolor Month, when I make a watercolor on an index card (or maybe on an “illegal” watercolor post card) so that I can qualify for two challenges with one entry.

Creative Juice #193

Creative Juice #193

Things other people have made. Things you can make. Interesting stuff to learn about.

Video of the Week #256: Surprising Butterfly