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Creative Juice #131

Creative Juice #131

Get your artistic on!

  1. Korean artist Aeppol.
  2. An easy way to try out free motion quilting ideas.
  3. I love Zentangle challenges! It’s always interesting to see the unique interpretations. Here’s one recent challenge and the responses.
  4. The things we skip that end up costing us time and productivity.
  5. Too beautiful to eat.
  6. Funny animal photographs. Best viewing strategy: check out each year’s finalists. Click on the first picture to enlarge, and then click the arrow at the right side of the pictures to scroll through.
  7. Some little art works made from found objects.
  8. I love how this artist challenges herself. We could all practice one thing daily for an extended period.
  9. Playlist for air turbulence.
  10. As if you needed an excuse to drink wine, here are some things you can do with corks.
  11. Architectural drawing, including some in-progress videos!
  12. Celebrating Women’s History Month with the Rockettes.

Wordless Wednesday: This Tree’s Been Through a Lot


(Click on a picture to enlarge.)

Oddball Challenge: Beautiful Weeds


My offering for Kammie’s Oddball Challenge this week:


Pretty, but deadly. They have thorns you can’t even see, but ride your bike over them, and your tires are history.

Creative Juice #130

Creative Juice #130

Beautiful things to admire or make.

  1. Fish made out of junk.
  2. Winter in beautiful Romania.
  3. Oscars fashions from years back.
  4. Beautiful Zentangles.
  5. Quilt tutorial: Teresa Down Under teaches how to make Delectable Mountain blocks and how to arrange them to create different kinds of quilts.
  6. What matters most to an artist?
  7. Like donuts? Wonderful watercolor tutorial.
  8. Your cat needs a ladder.
  9. Mardi Gras, but different.
  10. El Alto’s architecture is over the top.
  11. Free quilt patterns to make for St. Patrick’s Day. (Well, maybe for next Patrick’s Day!)
  12. These beautiful wedding dresses and bridal head dresses almost make me want to get married all over again.

In the Meme Time: What to Look for in a Meme Photo

In the Meme Time: What to Look for in a Meme Photo

I love memes! And I love making them. I post one every Friday. Here are some of my favorites.

But I rarely take photos with meme potential.

Usually, if I have a phrase I want to make into a meme, I go to Unsplash, Stocksnap, or Pixabay and do a search for a picture related to my words. For example, if I want to make a meme about music, I might search for musical instruments. Or if I have a quote for Memorial Day, I might look for a picture of the American flag or a military cemetery.


Once I’ve found a number of photos that illustrate my meme’s topic, I look for a good location for words. Usually that means a lighter area. On a landscape photo, that may be the sky (as in the photo above) or a large area of snow. Or maybe a good-sized section of dark wall that will contrast with light-colored lettering. Or a benign background, such as the photo of Jax, our granddoggie, below.


This week’s Photo a Week challenge is for photos that would make a good meme background. I’m going to make it a long-term challenge; whenever I’m out taking pictures, I’ll try to take a few with memes in mind.

#DC386: Drawings and Dewd


This week’s Diva Challenge is to either finish an incomplete tile, or make a new one using the patterns Drawings and Dewd. I didn’t have anything in progress, so I tried my first-ever Drawings and Dewd.


Flower of the Day: African Daisies

Flower of the Day: African Daisies



In February in the Sonoran desert, a minor miracle occurs–the blooming of African daisies. They pop up all over in the town where I live, but nowhere in more profusion than this yard, completely taken over by the yellow and orange blossoms:






I almost ran off the road a few times as I drove past, until the day I happened to have my camera in my car and stopped to take a few shots.

Check out Cee’s Flower of the Day.