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NaPoWriMo2019 #6



Live at Peace

If possible, on your part, live at peace with everyone.
Live with everyone.
If possible, peace.
On your part.
It’s up to you.
Know when to hold your tongue,
When to compromise;
When to stand your ground.

What if it’s not possible?
What then?
What if you’re being peaceful, a peacekeeper, a peacemaker,
And others insist on aggression,

Bomb them into oblivion?

Live in peace,
Or rest in peace.



NaPoWriMo2019 #5



My Teacher Hates Me

My teacher hates me.
I can tell by the way she looks at me.
Why does my teacher hate me?

She calls on me when I don’t raise my hand.
She knows I don’t know the answer.
My teacher hates me.

She doesn’t call on me when I do raise my hand.
Why won’t she call on me when I know the answer?
Why does my teacher hate me?

If I talk to Taylor, she yells at me.
If anyone else talks, she pretends not to notice.
My teacher hates me.

Don’t call on me don’t call on me don’t call on me don’t call on me
She called on me. “I don’t know.”
Why does my teacher hate me?

She told my father I’m the smartest kid in the class,
But I don’t apply myself.
My teacher hates me.
Why does my teacher hate me?



NaPoWriMo2019 #4




I remember when my parents started telling me about their friends
And what conditions they were diagnosed with
And what operations they were having.
I mourned that our conversations revolved around illness.
Then the talk of deaths started. A former neighbor.
A distant cousin. A business partner. A priest.
My own parents battled disease. Dad’s heart attacked him,
Then a stroke ended his career.
Mom debilitated by rheumatoid arthritis, then further by a Parkinson-like syndrome.
Mom left this world first from a massive stroke of her own.
Dad followed much later, slowly spiraling into dementia.
Now, when we go to class reunions, we remember our former classmates who have passed on.
We watch our friends age, no longer able to participate in the activities we once shared.
Insult upon insult, we find ourselves needing help to complete chores we used to do alone.
My hips are not the ones I was born with.
Getting old sucks.



NaPoWriMo2019 #3

NaPoWriMo2019 #3


The sixth line of the poem read
The black windows looked out onto the black lawn.
Except I thought it said
The black widows.

Which of course reminded me of the spider I saw on the patio last night
When I turned on the light as I carried out a bag of garbage.
I caught my breath as I thought of visitors enjoying sitting in the shade.
Our little dog who habitually sniffs everything.
My husband’s lawn-mowing sneakers next to the back door,
A pair of cozy places for a spider to hide during the day.

Spiders have their work to do in God’s economy.
They have value.
If it were just me, I’d leave her alone.
But the hourglass reminds me she is also deadly.

Reluctantly, poem forgotten, I hunted for the spider.
I couldn’t find her in the daylight
But I sprayed the entire patio with venom of my own.



Wordless Wednesday: C is for Cactus



NaPoWriMo2019 #2


bowl-1868229__340Menu Wish

It’s cold and it delights my tongue
Like a funny song that you’ve just sung.

It’s creamy and sweet;
It’s a luscious treat.

It’s delicious and it’s made of milk.
It’s frosty and it’s smooth as silk.

It improves my attitude and makes me happy.
Now get me some and make it snappy.

It’s what I long for in my dream.
Why can’t my breakfast be ice cream?



NaPoWriMo2019 #1


Eggs Cruciatingjiangxulei1990-1055736-unsplash

You told me to go suck an egg
And I’d really like to comply,
But, tell me, how do you suck an egg?

Do you have to boil it first?
And then do you suck it with the shell on
Or off?
Do you stick the whole thing in your mouth?
Or just suck on one end?

Or do you suck it raw?
Do you tap a little hole in the shell
And suck the insides out?

Tell me.
How do you do it?