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Creative Juice #181

Creative Juice #181

Yeah, lots of art.

Creative Juice #178

Creative Juice #178

The strange, the beautiful, and the funny.

7 Reasons Why it’s Important to Have a Sense of Humor

7 Reasons Why it’s Important to Have a Sense of Humor

I suppose it’s possible to get through life without a sense of humor, but why would you want to?

  1. Humor diffuses uncomfortable situations. The Bible tells us “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger (Proverbs 15:1 NIV) .” My husband takes that principle one step further. I love the guy, but he has no filter—he just blurts out whatever’s on his mind. Whenever he sees me react with pain or fury to something he just said, he’ll turn it around by saying something bizarre, like “I mean, squirrels’ bread sinks.” (He might have originally said “Your breath stinks.”)
  2. Everyone likes to laugh. Funny people are fun to be around. At a party, people surround the funniest person in the room. Someone once told Greg, “I like to come to church so I can see what your t-shirt says.” I hope that’s not her only reason for coming to church, but that day his shirt read, “I plan on living forever. So far, so good.”
  3. Humor can help you make friends. This is a corollary of point #2. When people laugh, they connect.Closeup portrait of a group of business people laughing
  4. Humor can lead to marriage. This is a corollary of point #3. When I returned to my home town after a year and a half at an out-of-state university, my friend Patty invited me to join a single young adults club at a local church. She had a male friend she wanted me to meet, but I only had eyes for Greg. When we were dating, by the end of the evening my facial muscles ached from laughing so hard. Within a month we were talking about marriage. We celebrated our 46th anniversary this year. We’re still laughing together.
  5. Humor makes you memorable. When you’re at a meeting with a lot of strangers, the one you’ll remember is probably the one who made you laugh.
  6. Humor helps get you out of a funk. Sometimes it’s hard to find a silver lining when you’re enduring a depressing situation. You just have to hang on until it resolves. But you can escape for an hour by indulging in funny business.
  7. Humor heals. Laughter is the best medicine, because it stimulates the immune system and lowers cortisol levels. Check out what the How Stuff Works people say.

I wanted to end this article with a funny video. I watched lots of contenders, but every video had at least one joke that I found offensive. So, instead, I’m posting an adorable video. It might not make you laugh out loud, but I guarantee it will make you smile.

Creative Juice #166

Creative Juice #166

Neat stuff found online.

Video of the Week #226: How to be a Classical Musician


If only it were this easy.

Creative Juice #156

Creative Juice #156

Twelve inspired articles.

Quiz: Are You 65+ Years Old And Cool?

Quiz: Are You 65+ Years Old And Cool?

Are you one of the cool seniors, or are you lame regardless of your mobility status? Answer these questions truthfully and total your score to discover your coolness quotient.

  1. How many grandchildren do you have?
    1. Heck, I don’t even have kids!
    2. Maybe someday.
    3. One.
    4. Two or more.
  2. How many of these musicians are you familiar with: Jonas Brothers, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, Panic! At the Disco, Drake, Khalid, Tool, Skillet, Post Malone, BTS?
    1. Zero to three.
    2. Four or five.
    3. Six or seven.
    4. Eight to ten.
  3. How many of these superheroes are you familiar with: Green Lantern, Flash, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Wolverine, Superman, Iron Man, Spiderman, Batman?
    1. Zero.
    2. One to five.
    3. Six or seven.
    4. Eight to ten.
  4. How do you watch movies?
    1. On VHS.
    2. On network television.
    3. I rent DVDs from Red Box, borrow them from the library, or buy them.
    4. I stream them (Netflix, Hulu, Prime, etc.) or go to the movie theater.
  5. Do you have an iPhone?
    1. I only have a land line.
    2. I have a flip phone, a Jitterbug, a Blackberry, or some other non-smart phone.
    3. I have a Pixel, a Moto, a Nokia, an LG, an Android, or some other non-Apple phone.
    4. Yes.
  6. What year was your car made?
    1. I don’t have a car.
    2. Before 2000.
    3. 2000-2018.
    4. 2019-2020.
  7. How do you connect with your friends?
    1. Snail mail.
    2. Text, email, or social media.
    3. Telephone, FaceTime, or Skype.
    4. In person.
  8. Do you know all the restaurants with senior discounts and only go there during those designated days and times?
    1. I prefer to eat at home.
    2. Of course. I tip based on the discount price.
    3. Of course. But I tip based on the full-amount price.
    4. No, I go when I can pay full-price.
  9. What time do you go to bed?
    1. 8:00.
    2. 9:00.
    3. 10:00.
    4. 11:00.
  10. What would you like people to remember about you?
    1. To stay the heck off my lawn.
    2. That I made lots of money.
    3. That I have lots of friends.
    4. That I am kind and generous.


How to Score

Question If you answered: Give yourself: Rationale
1 a or b 3 points Even though it’s cooler to have grandkids, if you don’t, it’s not your fault.
c or d 4 points Super cool!
2 a 1 point Pathetic.
b 2 points Not bad.
c 3 points Pretty cool.
d 4 points Super cool!
3 a 4 points Obviously, you have better uses for your time.
b 1 point A little bit cool.
c 2 points A little more cool.
d 3 points Very cool (in some circles).
4 a 1 point You get one point because your VCR is still working.
b 1 point Super old-school.
c 3 points A little bit old-school.
d 4 points This is what the cool people do.
5 a 1 point You are invited to join the 21st century.
b 2 points You are also invited to join the 21st century.
c 3 points Pretty cool.
d 4 points Super cool.
6 a 4 points At your age, not driving but using public transportation could be the sexiest alternative.
b 3 points There are some way cool classic cars in that range.
c 2 points Boring.
d 4 points Super cool.
7 a 3 points Thank you for keeping letter-writing from being a lost art.
b 3 points Way to be tech-savvy.
c 3 points There’s something special about a human voice.
d 4 points Coolest of all.
8 a 3 points There are health and financial benefits to eating at home.
b 1 point Too cheap to be cool.
c 4 points Super cool!
d 1 point Why would you do that?
9 a, b, c, or d, if you get less than 8 hours of sleep 1 point You’re not getting optimum rest.
a, b, c, or d, if you get at least 8 hours of sleep 4 points Well-rested is super cool.
10 a 1 point Not cool.
b 1 point Cool people don’t care about that.
c 3 points Being friendly is cool.
d 4 points If it’s true, that’s super cool.

What Your Score Reveals About Your Coolness Quotient 

Score What it means:
1-15 Dude, you’re just not trying.
16-23 You’re sort of cool.
24-31 You’re cooler than most.
32-40 You’re beyond cool—you’re awesome!

Now it’s your turn. Did you learn something new about yourself? Are there other criteria for coolness that you would take into account? Share in the comments below.

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