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Link: Let All Earth Give Thanks

Link: Let All Earth Give Thanks

Are you thankful for nature? Click the link and scroll down to hear the author read her poem.

OctPoWriMo Day 31


My goal for OctPoWriMo this year was 16 poems, one on every odd-numbered day. I’m happy to say I only missed one, for a total of 15 poems.

Today’s prompt is light, dark, and shadow. The form is a new one for me, parallelogram de crystalline.

Embrace the light
 darkness reigns
 unworthiness shames me
 I hide among the shadows cold
 my only protection 
 is silent invisibility
 spark ignites
 hope and love surprise me
 writing me a new biography
 I step forth
 boldness overcomes fear
 I embrace the light, defeating dark 


Creative Juice #214

Creative Juice #214

Interesting ideas.

OctPoWriMo Day 29


The prompt is railroad.

Image found on
 Train ride to Flemington
 when the kids were little
 we didn’t have much money
 I remember one summer outing
 I drove the oldest three kids to Ringoes
 and we took the train to Flemington
 I think it was their very first train ride
 now, Flemington had once been
 a recreation of a colonial town
 with costumed weavers and glassblowers
 and the Stangl pottery factory
 but by then it was only a quaint village with shops
 I remember we rode in an open air car
 we chugged along fields of goldenrod and Queen Anne’s lace
 and our allergies kicked in
 we didn’t have much money
 but I gave each kid a dollar
 I don’t remember what the girls bought
 but Matt, age 6, got 10 monster finger puppets with wiggly arms
 he called them the Boogie Brothers
 they were hilarious 
 when we got home
 Greg admired Matt’s puppets and gave them all silly names
 Matt calmly told him he was wrong
 Greg held up each puppet one by one
 and said, “What’s this one’s name?”
 and for each one Matt answered in all seriousness “Matt”
 while I laughed until tears rolled down my cheeks 


OctPoWriMo Day 27


Today’s prompt is magic/magical, but I’m going with mystic/mystery.

Form: Terzanelle

 help me see the mystery
 far more exists than what I can see
 reality hidden by a veil
 for what exists is more than I see
 I wander along a rocky trail
 how do I reveal the truth I sense
 reality hidden by a veil
 wandering a path from ages hence
 how do I live the truth I reveal
 how do I reveal the truth I sense
 how do I live up to the ideal
 I long to discover my true soul
 how do I live the truth I reveal
 how long until I am truly whole
 and use my power as intended
 I long to discover my true soul
 my life so far has been pretended
 far more exists than what I can see
 I use my power as intended
 for what exists is more than I see 


OctPoWriMo Day 25


The prompt is breaking the rules.

experimenting with anarchy
stretching the limits
breaking all the rules
transitioning into chaos
disdaining order
defying respectability
today I will not brush my teeth
I will exceed the speed limit
and not come to a complete stop at the stop sign
nor engage my parking brake
I will leave off the period at the end of my sentence
and not capitalize arizona
I will skip my vegetables
and eat dessert first
my rebellion has a time limit
disobedience makes me anxious
back to normal tomorrow


OctPoWriMo Day 23


The prompt is gratitude.

face mask; Covid-19
In All Circumstances
Give thanks in all circumstances;
for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus (1 Thessalonians 5:18 NIV).
All right, God. Because You say so.
Thanks a lot for this scourge that has killed hundreds of thousands 
of people worldwide.
I can sincerely thank You for the people 
who call their elderly neighbors and say
“Is there anything you need?”
I thank You also for the doctors and nurses and orderlies
who work long hours caring for the sick.
For the grocery clerks who stock the shelves
and who gather customer’s orders.
For the people who conscientiously wash their hands
and wear their masks.
For the people who lost their jobs
and don’t know where their next meal will come from.
For the people who don’t know how they will pay their rent.
For the children who can’t go to school.
Thank You also for the people who died alone,
whose loved ones wanted to be there to comfort them,
but weren’t allowed.
You see my tears and You know I am devastated for them
and angry at You for letting this happen.
But I know there are also blessings that I can’t see.
So I thank You for Your invisible movement through this valley.
I thank You that out of pain and death
You can make life and beauty,
even if I can’t see it now.
It hurts.
But I trust You.
And I thank You.
Even though I don’t know why.


OctPoWriMo Day 19


Today’s prompt is being in the present.

my husband gets ready for bed
I hear him snap his hearing aids into the charger
the water runs
he spits toothpaste into the sink
I hear the dryer’s signal
I still have work to do
I’m tired, too
my day’s been long
with chores and errands
I want to sleep until I wake refreshed
but we have an early appointment
his, not mine
but he can’t do anything alone anymore
our days are logistics problems to be solved
nothing is easy
we don’t know when things will be “normal” again
I remember a different time
when I was sleep deprived
caring for our five children
never a dull moment
laughter and tears
the days seemed endless
but their childhood was over in a blink


OctPoWriMo Day 17


Today’s prompt is dancing under the stars.

Dancing with the dog
the dog wants out
and I dance around the pool
weighed down with an extra 10 pounds
the result of staying at home
it used to be I’d dance for three hours every Tuesday night
now we don’t gather
so I’m limited to a few minutes under the stars
and music only I can hear
I sway right and left
touch heel and toe
one foot crosses over the other
and my fingers snap in rhythm
slowly I make my way around the pool
then slip into the backdoor
the dog prancing in behind me


Creative Juice #212

Creative Juice #212

I much prefer these uplifting, creative articles to the news these days.