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Creative Juice #90

Creative Juice #90

Imaginative creations by artistic people:

Creative Juice #89

Creative Juice #89

Just in time for weekend reading:

Creative Juice #80

Creative Juice #80

A baker’s dozen of beautiful things to inspire you:

Creative Juice # 79

Creative Juice # 79

Recharge your creative battery by reading these dozen articles about pretty and interesting things.

Creative Juice #77

Creative Juice #77

Art and photography and books and sketches and a workroom and music and travels and the aftermath.

Creative Juice #71

Creative Juice #71

Your weekend dose of inspiration:

  1. A different kind of travel photos.
  2. Amazing photographs of spiders.
  3. Surreal murals.
  4. 25 free quilt patterns.
  5. How and why to read daily.
  6. Artist workspace.
  7. An orthodontist who’s also a very successful cartoonist.
  8. What to read next?
  9. Symbolism in a Renaissance painting.
  10. Unbelievably beautiful photographs submitted to National Geographic contest.
  11. Lovely Christmas ornaments to make by hand. Gift idea!
  12. A federal program to give work to artists? What a revolutionary idea!


Creative Juice #70

Creative Juice #70

Artistic ideas to inspire your weekend:

  1. Need some gift ideas for artistic peeps?
  2. Should you buy a watercolor book? Some considerations, as well as an interesting technique.
  3. Fabulous variations on the Zentangle pattern W2.
  4. Love to travel? Here, a blogger recalls some of her favorite trips.
  5. The opening credits of the movie Muse, which I have not seen. A little creepier than what I usually include in the Juice, but certainly creative.
  6. Intricate papercutting.
  7. Award-winning photographs.
  8. Beautiful glass.
  9. The Miracle Mural Project.
  10. Photographs of kids growing up in the Bronx.
  11. What is ammonite?
  12. Sketching surfers in Portugal.

Creative Juice #58

Creative Juice #58

Your latest installment of beauty and creativity, just in time for your weekend enjoyment:

  1. More beautiful quilts from Utah.
  2. Fashion photography on location.
  3. Beautiful murals.
  4. Gorgeous paintings of animals.
  5. Lovely zentangles.
  6. Do you have your own unique sense of style? Maybe. Maybe not.
  7. What do you look for in a traveling companion?
  8. Crazy coincidental dressing.
  9. I’ve read three of these bestselling books of summer, 2017, and found one more I need.
  10. What would it take to get you to look out your train window?
  11. Light show.
  12. Cars and legs.

Video of the Week #109: Piazza, Please

Video of the Week #109: Piazza, Please

This is why I think I was meant to live in Italy. #BucketList

Bonnie’s Trip to Russia

Bonnie’s Trip to Russia

When I was a little girl, my very best friend, Bonnie Ann, lived just across the street. That’s me on the the left with my “pixie” haircut that my mother adored. I coveted Bonnie’s hair, because she could wear pigtails.

Andrea and Bonnie

When I was seven, my brother was born, and I was sent to my aunt’s house for a week while my mother and baby Billy were in the hospital. When I came home, Bonnie’s family had moved. I was heartbroken. Bonnie told me months before she was moving, but I never believed she actually would.

She came back to visit a couple of times, but then I didn’t see her for decades.

Until recently. A couple of years ago, she tracked me down. We reconnected through a blog post I wrote for Doing Life Together. We friended each other on Facebook, and last spring she came to Phoenix to judge dog obedience trials, and we got to spend a couple of hours together.

Bonnie recently traveled to Russia for three weeks. She posted hundreds of photographs on Facebook, and gave me permission to share some of them with you. I picked out just a few, mostly highlighting Russian architecture and art.

Bonnie is in most of these pictures. It’s amazing, isn’t it, how much she looks like she did in the picture above, even though she’s only a year younger than me (er, twenty-nine…).

The Marine Canal looking toward the Grand Cascade & palace. — in Peterhof, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia.

Peterhof – Tzar Peter the Great’s summer palace known as the ‘Russian Versailles’

Old Stalingrad market.

A mosaic at the Old Stalingrad market

Railroad station ceiling mural depicting the 1918 Russian Civil War. — in Volgograd, Russia.

Mural on the ceiling of the railroad station in Volgograd, depicting the 1918 Russian Civil War.

Statues (click on the smaller images to enlarge and reveal captions):





All Saints Church

All Saints Church, Volgograd

Catherine the Great’s Summer Palace:



Church of the Blood. — in Saint Petersburg, Russia

The Church of the Blood, St. Petersburg

Palace Square - Hermitage, Saint Petersbury

Hermitage, Palace Square, St. Petersburg

Interior of St. Peter:Paul Church

Interior of St. Peter and Paul Church, St Petersburg

Our Lady of Vladimir Cathedral's bell tower — in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Bell tower of Our Lady of Vladimir Cathedral, St. Petersburg

St. Basil's. Famous Kremlin clock tower on left.

The iconic St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow; Kremlin bell tower at left


Friendship of People Fountain in Moscow. The sixteen figures represents the 16 different cultures of the old Soviet Union. The statue over Bonnie’s right shoulder is special to Bonnie, because it represents the Ukraine, which is part of Bonnie’s heritage.

The Cathedrals of the Kremlin:


Changing of the Guard at Kremlin

Changing of the guard at the Kremlin



Red Square

Red Square; Kremlin on the left


Russia's largest shopping mall - GUM Department Store at the Red Square - built in the 1890's.

Russia’s largest shopping mall – GUM Department Store at the Red Square – built in the 1890’s.


Vodka museum

The Vodka Museum. Pretty door.

Pretty staircase within Izmaylovo Kremlin

Pretty staircase within Izmaylovo Kremlin

Stalin's grave

Stalin’s grave


Samovars for sale in a marketplace

Eggs 1

Decorative eggs

Matryoshka dolls

Nesting Matryoshka dolls

Putin's Palace, Moscow

Putin’s Palace, Moscow

View of Kremlin and St. Basil from cruise ship

View of the Kremlin and St. Basil from cruise ship on the Moskva River

The subway station in Moscow must be one of the cleanest and most beautiful in the world:

Subway art

Traditional Russian folk art – Gzhel – on subway wall

Mosaic of Ukranina Soviet workers in sub station

Mosaic of Ukranian Soviet workers

Sickle and hammer in sub station

Sickle and hammer from Soviet times

Moscow subway station

Yes, this is the subway.

A great big ARHtistic License thank you to Bonnie Lee for generously sharing her beautiful photographs.