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OctPoWriMo Day 12: Cocktail Sauce to Die For

OctPoWriMo Day 12: Cocktail Sauce to Die For



I didn’t care for today’s official prompt, so I chose an exercise from The Crafty Poet by Diane Lockward and wrote a catalog poem.



Cocktail Sauce to Die For

These are your strong points:shrimp-cocktail-1670404_640
You’re loyal.
(You could have replaced me by now;
you certainly had opportunities.)
You still have a nice head of hair.
You know how to fix things.
You can name every major battle and
how many men died on either side.
You can reach things on top shelves.
You make me laugh.
You can cook.
You make the best shrimp cocktail sauce I’ve ever tasted, deliciously sour and
with just enough horseradish to make the top of my brain ache.

Guest Post: (Almost) No Sew Pumpkins…..


Many thanks to Doreen of Treadlemusic for this cute and easy fall craft.


I was cruising through Pinterest recently (I know…..bad, bad, bad) and came across this super cute idea……

CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT No-Sew Shirt PumpkinsYou may find complete directions here. Now, if one were to follow her directions, they would truly be “no sew” but my version of the leaves does require a bit of machine sewing!!!! No surprise!!!!!

   First, I needed to find a discard-able shirt………..

Shirt sleeve pumpkin 012


And remove a sleeve (actually, I did cut off both…….after doing the 1st pumpkin, I just had to do another!!!!!

Shirt sleeve pumpkin 013

Shirt sleeve pumpkin 014Shirt sleeve pumpkin 015

Following the directions, I cut the twine and bundled everything with a rubber band, stuffed with poly-fill and wha-la…………………….

Shirt sleeve pumpkin 016

Now for the leaves (burlap was used in the original…..I used some felt)……

Shirt sleeve pumpkin 017

This is where my machine comes in……stitch “veins” close to the fold and a 3D effect just happens!!!

Shirt sleeve pumpkin 021

Shirt sleeve pumpkin 022 Shirt sleeve pumpkin 024

A little hot glue to secure………….

Shirt sleeve pumpkin 025

So, to reinforce the process for next time, I did…

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Inktober Day 4

Inktober Day 4

This month I am participating in Inktober. My goal is to practice making illustrations for my new poetry project.

I have a poem about a haircut gone wrong. This won’t be the final illustration, but it’s a first try at the concept:


In the Meme Time: Why Aren’t You Working Right Now?


Alex Mathers 1

A big thank you to Alex Mathers.

From the Creator’s Heart #161


Psalm 145

#ALP: Bird

#ALP: Bird

What’s your favorite bird: humming? owl? robin? parakeet? Big Bird?

  • Use this prompt any way you wish—for a poem, memoir, painting, short story, photograph, no limits. Enjoy!
  • If you’d like to share a blog post (G-rated, please, and sensitive to the feelings of others—anything slightly objectionable will be deleted), create a pingback or leave a link in the comments below.
  • Be sure to visit at least two other participants to see how they interpreted the prompt.
  • Tag your entry #ALP (for ARHtistic License Prompt) to help others find your work on social media.

My Husband’s African Cichlids



When I first met my husband in 1972, he invited me to come see his fish.


Since then he’s had many, many set-ups: freshwater, saltwater, small, large, goldfish, guppies, oscars, catfish, angelfish, anemones, clownfish…


His current pride and joy is a 180-gallon tank in our family room, filled with fish whose natural habitat is Lake Tanganyika or Lake Malawi in Africa. They are characterized by brilliant colors, especially yellows and blues.


It’s tricky taking pictures of an aquarium. You get lots of reflections. I promise you there is no table lamp in the tank. It’s really on an end table across the room.

tropical fish; African cichlids

I don’t remember how many cichlids Greg started out with. Now there are at least 50–it’s hard to count them because they’re constantly moving.


The fish are all different sizes. The largest ones are the originals he bought maybe ten years ago. Since then they’ve multiplied continuously.


The dark fish below spends all his time excavating. He picks up gravel in his mouth and spits it out in another part of the tank. He’s responsible for all the hills and valleys in the landscaping.

African cichlids; tropical fish

Greg loves to sit and watch the fish. He says it’s like watching a soap opera. There are a few bullies who pick on the others, and the courting couples swim around each other in graceful circles. Some mind their own business, and others curiously explore. They all love to be fed and nearly jump out of the tank in their enthusiasm for frozen brine shrimp or flake food.


Greg designed the tank with lots of hidey holes. If there are sudden movements in the family room, the fish disappear. They also enter their caves when Greg turns off the tank lights at night.African cichlids; tropical fish
African cichlids are mouth brooders. The females hold their fertilized eggs (and the hatched, developing babies) in their mouths for three to five weeks to protect them from predators. After they’re released, most get eaten, but some hide in the caves until they’re too big to be vulnerable. Greg always gets excited when he sees a new little one.

Do you raise fish? What types do you like? Share in the comments below.