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My Favorite Mug



In Spring of 2012, I won a Triple A award (I forget what the three As stand for), an honor bestowed twice a year to a different teacher in each of the schools in the district where I worked. The award recognized a teacher for going “above and beyond,” and was voted on by the staff. It came with a certificate at a district ceremony, and at my school was also celebrated with a dinner out and a gift basket with goodies contributed by anyone who so desired.

I was deeply touched by the kind words and wonderful gifts given to me. This mug was one of them. I used it to make a cup of tea every morning, which I sipped at my desk as I prepared for the day.

I resigned from that job three years ago. But every time I see my mug, I remember the amazing people I worked with at Weinberg School.

This photo is my offering for the 52 Week Photo Challenge.