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Creative Juice #95

Creative Juice #95

Twelve articles to tickle your fancy.

Yarn and Beads

Yarn and Beads


In a previous article, I posted a video featuring this VW bug decorated with millions of tiny seed beads (Photos by Museo de arte popular). It was my introduction to the art of the Huichol people of Mexico.

Here is an explanation of the origin of Huichol art:

Thanks to websites like Etsy.com, authentic Huichol art is readily available without a trip to Mexico. All the below items were for sale as of mid-August.

Animals have particular significance to the Huichol. (Click on the smaller images for an enlargement and to see the captions. Click on the links below for purchasing information.)

Wolf. Deer. TurtleBull.

Traditional designs are employed in these beautiful necklaces.

Chokers. Medallion. Yellow/orange necklace. Red necklace. Sun necklace.

And also in other useful articles.

Dog collars. Wallet.

Circular bead painting

Circular bead painting.

Like some of the Native American tribes of the Southwest, the Huichol take part in ancient peyote ceremonies to contact their ancestors to seek healing and advice. The artwork is inspired by these journeys.

Vintage gourd bowl

Vintage beaded prayer bowl.

Shaman yarn painting. Skull.

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