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Writing 101 Days 7 and 8


I’m stuck on Monday’s assignment—I started it two different ways, and neither took off. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow.

Typing on laptop DeathtoStock

Here are the poems for yesterday and today:


You led me to the place where I could see your majesty laid out before me
You revealed to me what no one else will ever see
What You made especially for me
You showered me with gifts that cost nothing and everything
You made me the beneficiary of Your unmerited favor


Defacement of public property:
Bold, sprayed letters, flourished as if from a calligrapher’s nib—
A command to perform the most impossible feat of procreation.
Useth thee thy talents thusly?
Why not apply them for edification?
Why not create a beauteous fresco,
A wise exhortation?
Turpentine is the instrument of thine eradication.