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NaPoWriMo2019 #3

NaPoWriMo2019 #3


The sixth line of the poem read
The black windows looked out onto the black lawn.
Except I thought it said
The black widows.

Which of course reminded me of the spider I saw on the patio last night
When I turned on the light as I carried out a bag of garbage.
I caught my breath as I thought of visitors enjoying sitting in the shade.
Our little dog who habitually sniffs everything.
My husband’s lawn-mowing sneakers next to the back door,
A pair of cozy places for a spider to hide during the day.

Spiders have their work to do in God’s economy.
They have value.
If it were just me, I’d leave her alone.
But the hourglass reminds me she is also deadly.

Reluctantly, poem forgotten, I hunted for the spider.
I couldn’t find her in the daylight
But I sprayed the entire patio with venom of my own.