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Accessories for the Reader

Accessories for the Reader

Many followers of ARHtistic License are voracious readers, so you can count on me to support your obsession. Here are a few things the people on Etsy make to help you flaunt your identity. Click on the highlighted name under each picture for shopping info.

book nerd t-shirt

So, apparently, someone discovered you can draw eyeglasses around the two o’s in book, and now everybody’s doing it. Book Nerd Shirt

book nerd book

Book Nerd on a Book shirt

heart book nerd

Heart book nerd

book nerd tote

You need something to carry your books around in. Book nerd tote

book nerd keychain

Who does this key belong to? Oh, I know. Book nerd key chain


wife mom book nerd mug

Maybe your mom needs this. Mother’s Day coming, you know. Just saying. Wife mom book nerd mug

book junkie

So many ways to say book nerd. Book junkie shirt


Bibliovert shirt

Reality is overrated

I hear you, brother. Overrated shirt

past bedtime

Have you ever noticed how sleepy the people who work in your favorite bookstore are? Past my bedtime shirt

Too many books?

Duh. Can you have too many diamonds? Or too much ice cream? Impossible. No such thing shirt


This describes most of my friends. Introverted shirt

readers gonna read

For Taylor Swift fans. And book fans. Readers gonna read shirt


have to use bookmarks. I generally have 5 books going at any one time. Bookmark shirt

kids book worm shirt

Kids shirts, because you can’t start reading too early. Child’s book worm shirt

book nerd quilt pattern

Book nerd quilt pattern. I need this. Quilt pattern

I read books mug

Reader mug

Watercolor bookmark

Beautiful but inexpensive gifts for readers: Watercolor book marks

wooden bookmar

Wooden quote bookmarks

book nerd emojis

Book nerd stickers for your planner.

I think my favorite is the Book Nerd t-shirt with the heart on the book. What’s yours? Or do you have something at your house that you like even better? Share in the comments.

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