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Creative Juice #206

Creative Juice #206

Great inspiration for your creativity this weekend:

OctPoWriMo Day 23


I am participating in two challenges this month, OctPoWriMo and Inktober. To make it easier on myself, I’m trying to write a new poem on odd-numbered days and make a drawing on even-numbered days.

Today’s prompt is Fur Babies.


No, these are not Stripy and Schwartz. I couldn’t find a picture of them. Sorry.

Our First Two Cats

I gave my daughter the job
of naming the two kittens.
She named the tabby Stripy
and the black one Schwartz.
(Schwartz was also a nickname I called my daughter.)

One year we ordered cat Christmas ornaments engraved with their names
but they sent us child ornaments instead.
I imagined the confusion of the engraver—
They have a kid named Schwartz?
They have a kid named Stripy?

When we moved across the country,
for logistics sake, we found them a new home
with an older woman who lived alone.
She phoned us more than once
to tell us how much it meant to her
to come home from work and be greeted
by her kitties; no more lonesome home.


Creative Juice #143

Creative Juice #143

Gorgeous ideas to jump-start your imagination.

Video of the Week #202: Cat Art


Video of the Week #185: Is it Taxidermy, or is it Needle Felting​?


Creative Juice #119

Creative Juice #119

Beautiful stuff to inspire you to greater creativity. Get out there and make some art, people.

  1. Sand sculptures.
  2. For the cat lovers.
  3. Quilt show-and-tell.
  4. Beautiful tangles from all over the world, same theme.
  5. The 100 books of 2018 that the New York Times considers notable.
  6. Aachen Cathedral and the wardrobe of Mary.
  7. Crease. Fold. Color.
  8. Favorite recipes. Lovely servingware.
  9. Gorgeous laser-cut light displays.
  10. Prize-winning photography.
  11. Artwork available as prints, posters, shirts, and skateboards.
  12. An artist’s tribute to her dad. (You’ll need a hanky for this one.)

Inktober Day 11


Yesterday my critique group, Tuesday’s Children, went out to eat to celebrate our friend Judy’s seventy-ninth birthday. The conversation wandered to Inktober, and my friend, coincidentally named Kitty (who is a major cat lover) suggested (twice) that I needed to draw a cat. I want to lure Kitty to my blog, so here is a kitty for Kitty:



Video of the Week #164: Feline Ballet


Creative Juice #101

Creative Juice #101

A dozen sips of cool inspiration.

Creative Juice #90

Creative Juice #90

Imaginative creations by artistic people: