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ALCGC2017: March Check-in

ALCGC2017: March Check-in

“The ARHtistic License Creative Goals Challenge for 2017” is quite a mouthful. I’ve created a shorthand nickname for it: ALCGC2017. Let’s use the Twitter hashtag #ALCGC2017 to tweet about our goals.

Another month down. How are you doing on your creative goals?bible-open-to-psalms

I missed about three days of reading my Bible. I will try harder, because that twenty minutes really helps me focus on what’s important.

I’ve been horrible about spending 15 minutes a day on decluttering my study. Honest to goodness, stuff just keeps multiplying in here.

I can only find three poems for February. I can’t remember if that’s all I wrote, or if I put them in a different file. I’ll post what I’ve got on March 11, 2017.

I spent my art time the first half of the month zentangling hearts. The remainder of the month I devoted to making one pencil sketch, and coloring in my journal.

I’m behind where I want to be with my blogging. I’d prefer to be about a month ahead, but I still have about nine dates in March without posts. It’s hard to write 7+ articles in three days. I’m trying to keep focused.

But I am making progress with my other writing projects. writing

I rewrote two pieces in my file cabinet. I submitted one to a children’s magazine, and I’m researching agents who represent picture books to send the other one to.

I’m gearing up to doing a final editing pass on The Unicornologist, and then I’ll send it out to my beta readers for their feedback.

I’ve completed a few segments of The God of Paradox.

It’s funny. Whatever I’m working on becomes my favorite project. It’s challenging to have so many things to juggle. At the end of each session, I wish I could return to the same thing the next day.


The practicing is going well. I’ve missed a few days because of exhaustion or competing priorities. My guitar sessions have lengthened to 45 minutes, just because it’s hard to practice everything I should and actually start new material if I only give it half an hour. I’m up to page 28 in Essential Elements for Guitar. My fingers are still sore, though, even though I can see the calluses building.

Recorder has creeped up to 35 minutes, but it’s easier for me than guitar. Now I’d say I play as well as my former sixth grade students. I’m not quite back to my former level yet, but I’m improving. I’m starting Unit 9 in The Sweet Pipes Recorder Book.


Now it’s your turn. I’d love to know how all of you are doing so far in 2017, so I (and ARHtisticLicense readers) can encourage you. If you’re keeping accountable on your blog, paste a link into the comments below. Or if you don’t have a blog, just tell us your successes and your challenges this past month. ARHtistic License was created to help the creative community keep refining their skills. Check in on April 1, 2017 to share your progress during March.