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The Bully in the Porcelain Shoppe


In response to The Daily Post prompt: juxtapose.

China shop alexandre-valdivia-524265-unsplash.jpg

He steps inside and pirouettes,
Gracefully circling the displays
Of fragile pyramids of china ballerinas
And stacks of orange-haired clowns balanced on one another’s outstretched hands.

One false move and the monumental constructions
Could collapse in a crash of carnival catastrophe.
The possibility prompts him to tremble with anticipation.
Who could fault him for losing his balance
On a stray banana peel?

Can he exercise the discipline of the dancer?
Or will he play the clown
Reveling in the destruction of the perfectly engineered showcase?
Leave now! Don’t even imagine the thrilling downfall of everything dainty…

Too late—an errant elbow moves of its own accord.
Chaos ensues.



In response to today’s Daily Post prompt.


photo by Robert Hooft


I wanted the success,
But did I want the fame?
I dreamed people would love my work,
Then be delighted to discover I was the author.
Can’t I be famously anonymous?
Enjoy my royalties without having to take selfies with strangers,
Pretending to be intimately acquainted?
Could I just be paid now,
And schedule my fifteen minutes after I’m gone?

The Demise of the Daily Post—and an Attempt to Fill the Void


SorrowYesterday, the news that WordPress’ Daily Post will cease broke my heart. I especially will miss the writing prompts and the photography challenges, in which I have often participated during the last three years. The writing prompts have helped me in my effort to write more poetry—they helped ideas spark in my imagination.

This morning it occurred to me that others can step up to do what The Daily Post did. So, during June 2018, ARHtistic License will post a daily prompt that creatives can respond to in any medium or genre—memoir, flash fiction, watercolor, photography, poetry, whatever. Bloggers can create a pingback to the prompt, or leave a link in the comments. (If you share your post with us, please read at least two other offerings.)

If the ARHtistic License Prompt catches on during June, I’ll continue it indefinitely.

What do you think? Will you participate? Please share in the comments below.


Assumption vs. Deduction


In response to The Daily Post prompt: assumption.

Empty bench aaron-burden-398673


I assumed you were right.
You were always right.
At least, I always trusted you were right.
I never thought to question.

After you left,
I deduced you were wrong.
Worse than that.
You lied.

I assumed you were my friend,
But I deduced I was only means to an end.
Once you got what you wanted,
You misted away like a mirage.




In response to today’s Daily Post prompt.

awkward kt-562457-unsplash

Balancing too many obligations
Like bricks atop stemware
Tricky to negotiate
Top-heavy at best
Risk involved
Threatening to collapse
Is it just awkward
Hard to manage
Or doomed to failure



In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt.

Closeup of stethoscope isolated on white table

Litany of Diseases
(and some things that are not)
by ARHuelsenbeck



Scarlet fever
Yellow fever

Chicken pox
E. coli and

Bird flu
Swine flu

Your grandma’s old credenza

Common cold
Mad cow disease
Ebola and

West Nile virus
Lyme disease
Addictive cellophonia

Cholera, mumps
Malaria and

Tetanus and



In response to The Daily Post promptthin.

Ask a Supermodel; I wouldn’t Know

What’s it like to be thin?dandelion

You’re like downy dandelion seeds:
Easily dispersed by a stiff breeze.
You don’t know what a chocolate éclair is.
You only eat lettuce and water.
Your size is never sold out.
At a party, everybody talks to you
Wanting to be your best friend
While the heavier people stand alone.
People assume you’re smarter and richer than you really are.
You always get attention when you want it.
When you don’t, you just stand sideways and disappear.

Chorus + Paint = Chaos


This poem was inspired by today’s The Daily Post prompt: rapid. My first thought was the line from the old Clement Moore poem: “More rapid than eagles, his coursers they flew.” From there it morphed to the last line of the poem below. I only had to come up with a premise and nine more lines.


Photo by R.G. Daniel.


The choral director mopped his brow.
His soprano soloist mooed like a cow.

The tenors and basses howled like hounds.
He cut them off. “You’re out of bounds.

“I want a tone that’s mellow and soft.”
The alto section yelled and scoffed.

To get his charges under restraint
He doused them with leftover azure paint.

Instead of calming, they kicked and threw.
More rabid than beagles, his choristers blue.

NaPoWriMo Day 27

NaPoWriMo Day 27

I’m not using the NaPoWriMo prompt today. When I looked at The Daily Post prompt, notable, it reminded me of notes. I used to be an elementary general music teacher, and last night I had a recurring dream: I suddenly had to go back to work, and they gave me an unfamiliar room and no class lists, and I had no lesson plans prepared, and my first class arrived…

Treble_Clef_Barnstar public domain

Note Able
by ARHuelsenbeck

Young voices singing slightly out of tune
Their fervor making up for lack of skill
Recorders blaring, grating, sounding shrill
My music teacher’s ears from harm immune

Round hand drums pounding jungle rhythms loud
Slim rhythm sticks articulating beat
The xylophones play melodies so sweet
While dancers improvise their movements proud

My chord progressions steadily keep time
While tambourines crescendo to the end
Triangles and maracas with them blend
While glockenspiels and finger cymbals chime

Not long ago these were my daily themes
But now they’re relegated to my dreams


NaPoWriMo Day 7


Instead of using the NaPoWriMo prompt, I went with The Daily Post one.construction-100593_640

By ARHuelsenbeck

Visible from the highway
The network of steel girders
Held the promise of
Industrious accountants and
Insurance salesmen
Gainfully employed

But the deal fell through
Beams red with rust
Never roofed, never sided
Promise unfulfilled