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#DC347 Zentangle Challenge: Found Object String


This week’s Diva Challenge was to trace around found objects to make a “string”:


And then fill in the sections with Zentangle patterns of your choice:


I used Quipple, Flux, B-horn, Sanibelle, Paradox, Shattuck, and Printemps.

#DC346 Phicops & Huggins



For this week’s Diva Challenge: circular Phicops with Huggins border. Phicops reminds me a little of the Sydney (Australia) Opera House.

#DC345 Christmas Star


My offering for the Diva Challenge. Patterns areĀ printemps, cadent, paradox, ahh, and variations of luv-a, cool ‘sista, Dutch hourglass, and nipa.


#DC341: Go Big (or Go Home)


Last week’s Diva Challenge was to tangle in a larger format than you usually use. Since I usually make my tangles on a 3-inch tile, I worked in my 5×7-inch sketchbook instead. Having a larger area to cover took a lot more time–three sittings instead of my usual one, which is why I’m posting this so late.

I’m getting into the holiday spirit:IMG_0212

Patterns used: crux, cuidad, heartline, fiore, golvin, moving day, leaflet, static.