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Creative Juice #321

Creative Juice #321

A varied selection this week.

Creative Juice #259

Creative Juice #259

Pretty things and practical advice.

Creative Juice #239

Creative Juice #239

Things that are pretty. Things that are funny. Things that took work.

Guest Post: Unicorn Hair by Donna of MyOBT


You know I always perk up when I see the word unicorn, although I prefer the all-white, Medieval ones. However, I do like these lovely hairdos. Thanks, Donna!unicorn-0


I read a theory that Starbuck’s launch of the Unicorn Frappuccino may have inspired the current spring hair trend [note from Andrea: This article first appeared more than a year ago.], but I feel like it’s been coming for a while. Pastels are always flattering, and dramatic, colorful hair isn’t a new trend. In fact, it’s a trend that’s been sneaking into the mainstream for the last few years. It’s even started to appeal to the older folks. For years, Beloved and I have each had our own cool hair color plans for when we retire (she’s going navy, I want lilac). But whatever the inspiration, full-on unicorn-colored hair has arrived this year in a big way!

I think it’s just gorgeous. No, I don’t know what you do when your roots start to grow out, but that’s not my problem. I just want to look at the pretty colors!

To see more pictures, click here.

Guest Post: Beauty and Brains by Donna


Thank you to Donna of My OBT for these wonderful vintage fashion photographs by Georges Dambier.

Georges Dambier

This is the exuberant, fashionable, sometimes goofy photography by 1950’s editorial and advertising photographer Georges Dambier. Although the typical fashion photography style of the day was for models to be more like mannequins with blank or aloof facial expressions, Dambier was famous for throwing caution to the wind. His models actually look like they’re doing something, and even more groundbreaking, thinking something, too! Their expressions are anything but blank, and his poses are often a little nutty as well. His photos exude all kinds of character without sacrificing style. It makes me think he was a really great guy.

Whatever his personality, his photos are certainly plenty likeable!

To see the rest of this article, click here.

Creative Juice #130

Creative Juice #130

Beautiful things to admire or make.

  1. Fish made out of junk.
  2. Winter in beautiful Romania.
  3. Oscars fashions from years back.
  4. Beautiful Zentangles.
  5. Quilt tutorial: Teresa Down Under teaches how to make Delectable Mountain blocks and how to arrange them to create different kinds of quilts.
  6. What matters most to an artist?
  7. Like donuts? Wonderful watercolor tutorial.
  8. Your cat needs a ladder.
  9. Mardi Gras, but different.
  10. El Alto’s architecture is over the top.
  11. Free quilt patterns to make for St. Patrick’s Day. (Well, maybe for next Patrick’s Day!)
  12. These beautiful wedding dresses and bridal head dresses almost make me want to get married all over again.

Creative Juice #128

Creative Juice #128

May you be full of wonder this weekend.

What does your Wardrobe Say About You?


And what items in your closet say more than your t-shirts?

My husband, Greg, loves wearing t-shirts with funny sayings. He loves it when people crack up reading them. Some of his favorites are no longer with us, because he wore them out. He used to have one that said in Asian-style script: Ho Lee Chit. Another said: Grow Your Own Dope. Plant a Politician.

But he still has a couple of others that he wears a lot.

This one has the drawback of being long-winded:


And I almost didn’t post the one below because of recent events. Realize that I’m married to a guy who likes to plink at tin cans out in the desert, not a homicidal maniac.


And here are some of my favorites. My NaNoWriMo shirt from 2015:


And this one needs no explanation:


And here are some Greg bought for me. I used to be a music teacher:




Do you own or have you seen a t-shirt with a clever saying? Please share with us in the comments below.




Creative Juice #58

Creative Juice #58

Your latest installment of beauty and creativity, just in time for your weekend enjoyment:

  1. More beautiful quilts from Utah.
  2. Fashion photography on location.
  3. Beautiful murals.
  4. Gorgeous paintings of animals.
  5. Lovely zentangles.
  6. Do you have your own unique sense of style? Maybe. Maybe not.
  7. What do you look for in a traveling companion?
  8. Crazy coincidental dressing.
  9. I’ve read three of these bestselling books of summer, 2017, and found one more I need.
  10. What would it take to get you to look out your train window?
  11. Light show.
  12. Cars and legs.

Creative Juice #40

Creative Juice #40

Twelve sources of inspiration for your creative endeavors: