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Give Something Handmade for Christmas

Give Something Handmade for Christmas

Doesn’t it seem harder and harder to buy the perfect gift for a special person? And with the supply chain problem we’re experiencing, this Christmas might be even more challenging for shoppers.

Maybe we all could make gifts this year.

And if we could use supplies we already have, that would be super!

And if we can repurpose something we have that we’re not using, even better!

Looking around the web for ideas, I’ve found some that look not terribly difficult or expensive to make. You still have time to make a few of these! (And you can probably modify them to accommodate materials you have on hand.)

Click on the links for directions.

Don’t tell anyone, but I am working on this Holly Jolly Christmas quilt.


Embroidered Snowflake Mandala


Glitter Ball Yarn Ornaments


String Christmas Tree


Chocolate Covered Pretzels


Chunky Knit Throw Blanket I priced the yarn at about $10 a skein, and you need at least 3 skeins for a small throw blanket, so proceed cautiously with this. The good news: no needles or supplies needed other than the yarn!


Crayon Candles


Photo Keepsake Ornaments You could use any photos for these. You could go take pictures of your recipients’ houses! (But if you look like you’re casing the place, you could get arrested. . .)


Refrigerator Magnets made from photographs and jar lids.


Upcycle an Old Frame for the grandparents. The kids can help. Use it to frame a picture of the family in ugly Christmas sweaters or a kid’s visit with Santa.

Now it’s your turn. Are you making any holiday gifts this year? If you do, post a picture on your social media or website, and give us a link in the comments below. (It’s okay if you wait until after you give it if it’s a surprise.)Tell us how you made it—did you design it yourself? Or where did you find the instructions?

Ideas for Valentine’s Day During the Pandemic

Ideas for Valentine’s Day During the Pandemic

How will you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your honey this year? During the pandemic, your options are limited. You’d better start planning now if you don’t want to disappoint your loved one.

You might not even be getting together face-to-face. Maybe you’re separated by distance, or maybe a health concern has kept you isolated. Maybe spending face time in FaceTime is your best option.

Even under the best of times, going out to eat on Valentine’s Day is a challenge, because, guess what? It’s everyone’s Valentine’s Day; unlike birthdays and anniversaries, which are spread out among 366 days. And in the time of Covid, dining venues are limited. Most restaurants that are open have fewer tables available (unless they’ve built plexiglass partitions); and they’re in high demand because, as stated before, it’s everybody’s Valentine’s Day.

So, maybe you can make a special dinner for your Valentine; that is, if you can even be in the same room together. Or, maybe you can order takeout. Or maybe you can send him or her a specially delivered meal.

You can’t go out to the movies, but maybe you could stream a romantic movie together.

You can always send him or her flowers or candy or a gift. It’s tried and true, but somewhat of a cliché.

Better yet, you could give the gift of yourself. What are your special talents? (Oh, my goodness! That’s not the kind of special talent I meant, but okay then. Moving on. . .)

Can you write a love poem? It doesn’t even have to rhyme. And if you can also play an instrument, maybe you can make it into a song with a simple accompaniment, and video yourself singing it, and post it on his or her Facebook page. (Um, even as I’m writing this, I’m seeing potential for disaster. . . maybe you could just email the poem.)

Can you draw or paint? Make some artwork especially for your beloved. You know what he or she likes. Landscapes, or flowers, or puppies, or even a portrait. That’s it! Make a portrait of your Valentine, and frame it in a gorgeous frame so he or she can enjoy it forever in a place of honor. (What could go wrong with that idea?)

Or maybe you’re a photographer. Enlarge a favorite photo that you know would have special meaning for your loved one, and frame it.

Are you a woodworker, or a quilter, or an upholsterer? A beautiful item that you made with your own hands will be treasured as evidence of your love. Who doesn’t love a quilt or a piece of furniture?

If all else fails, there are always gift cards. That mega-million-dollar internet order company that has fast delivery is very popular during the pandemic, as is that expensive coffee place with the drive-up window with cars backed up to the highway. Or a gift card to a grocery store. Actually, depending on your situation (and your sweetheart’s), one of the most appreciated gifts you could give might be a donation to the local food bank in your Valentine’s name. Some states (Arizona among them) might even give you (or your loved one) a tax credit for it.

Now it’s your turn. What great ideas do you have for celebrating Valentine’s Day during the pandemic? Share in the comments below. And however you spend Valentine’s Day this year, have a happy one.