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#DC353 Heart Quarter Mandala


This week’s Diva Challenge was to make a make a zendala¬†using a heart string. To be honest, I can’t see the heart in Laura’s example. (I’m sure that’s my problem, not hers.)

I chose to make a quarter mandala rather than a full one. Can you see my heart string? (I’m not talking about the quarter-circle line of little hearts.) Patterns used are Joust, Cirque, Lupe, and Locomotile. (A shout-out to Alice Hendon of the Zentangle All Around group on Facebook, who challenged us to try these patterns this week.)


#DC351 Happy Valentine’s Day!


For this week’s Diva Challenge. “Heart of a Champion” is supposed to draw on the Olympics for inspiration, but I got distracted by the idea of Celtic hearts and decided to experiment with them. Patterns used are Shattuck, Static, Trio, and Tulipe.