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Creative Juice #318

Creative Juice #318

Note from Andrea: I goofed. This article was supposed to appear tomorrow, but when I turned on my computer today, I forgot what day it was; I thought it was Friday instead of Thursday and I expected to see Creative Juice up on my blog–so I went to my future-scheduled posts and edited this to publish immediately, and it wasn’t until afterward that I realized my mistake. So, I’m sorry–I’ve got nothing for tomorrow; I jumped the gun today.

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Henri Matisse, the Cut-Out Guy

Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse (1869-1954), French artist, painter, and sculptor, was one of the most important influencers and innovators of early 20th century modern art.

This image is owned by The Baltimore Museum of Art; permission to reproduce this work of art must be granted in writing. Third party copyright may also be involved.
Still Life with Compote, Apples and Oranges, by Henri Matisse

In researching Matisse online, I found so much excellent material that I could not possibly do him justice by giving you a 1000-word summary. Instead, I am providing you a curated group of links to the best of the best articles and videos I came across, as well as some public domain (in the US) images of some of his pieces.

Woman Reading, by Henri Matisse
Odalisque, by Henri Matisse
Nu couché, I (Reclining Nude, I), bronze, by Henri Matisse
La Danse (first version), by Henri Matisse
Woman with a Hat, by Henri Matisse
Portrait of Madame Matisse (The Green Line), by Henri Matisse
Self-Portrait in a Striped T-Shirt, by Henri Matisse

Archival footage of Matisse at work:

And a fascinating one-hour BBC documentary, Becoming Matisse:

I recently discovered, though, that the works I most associate with Matisse, the ones with colorful leaf and petal shapes, are not actually paintings but cut-outs of painted paper.

This article describes Matisse’s cut-out process.

Navigate through these images of Matisse’s cut-outs by using the arrows in the lower right corner of the screen.

Matisse’s final project was building a chapel. To get the full effect, visit it in person. The second-best experience would be to peruse these four links:

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Creative Juice #50

Creative Juice #50

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  1. Personally, I love reading young adult novels. Here are this year’s best sellers.
  2. Breathtaking blue quilts.
  3. This looks like a great workspace setup.
  4. Photos of surreal beauty and long-past glory
  5. Did you know you can cultivate habits that make you smarter?
  6. These dishes give me the creeps, and yet I admire their artistry.
  7. Don’t fall into the comparison trap. Would you believe Henri Matisse felt he did not measure up to the other artists of his day?
  8. Kauai is on my bucket list, but one of my favorite artists is there now.
  9. The ultimate artist DIY—making your own paints.
  10. Inspiration for writers.
  11. Beautiful illustrations by Tina MacNaughton.
  12. Map of the world, redesigned to eliminate distortion.

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