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OctPoWriMo Day 31


I participated in two challenges this month, OctPoWriMo and Inktober. To make it easier on myself, I planned to write a new poem on odd-numbered days and make a drawing on even-numbered days.

I managed to write 13 poems this month, a little short of the 16 I had hoped for. One poem never got off the ground (maybe it will fly yet), and two days I just didn’t get the time. But I so appreciate the work of the volunteers who came up with the challenge prompts and encouraged all the participants. There are some great new poems out there!

Today’s prompt is peaceThe prompt post includes a video of John Lennon’s song Imagine.

I am a huge Beatles fan and I love almost everything Lennon ever wrote. Except the lyrics to Imagine. My poem is sort of a rebuttal of the song.


believe there is a heaven

this world is closer to hell than I ever want to be
full of chaos and hate, murder and destruction
a polluted ecosystem wreaking revenge
with water and fire and wind and ice

if it weren’t for heaven, why would I endure
the pain, the scorn that is my lot,
the hardship, the illness, the loneliness
death would be the logical escape

but the truth is: we have a loving God
Who created the world in perfection
Who redeemed it with His own blood
Who longs to be our Companion forever

the One who determined the laws of nature
holds me safe in His arms
His Word comforts and consoles me
and that is where I find peace