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Inktober2022 Day 30


I’m using the Twinchietober prompt today. The pattern is Heart Stack by Barbara Duel Johnson.

Heart Stack by Barbara Duel Johnson

I only managed to make six drawings for Inktober this year, mostly because I started late. Nevertheless, I’m glad I jumped in, because I did more drawing than I would have without the challenge.

Inktober2022 Day 28


I played with one of the patterns from Twinchietober, Champ by Antje Romers:

Champ by Antje Romers

Inktober2022 Day 26


Tangle Pattern D-D-D by Barbara Duel Johnson. It reminds me of wrought iron scrollwork.

D-D-D by Barbara Duel Johnson

Inktober2022 Day 24


Today’s prompt is fairy.


Inktober2022 Day 22


I’m using yesterday’s prompt today: bad dog. This is our chihuahua mix, Ralph. He’s not being bad this moment.

Bad dog

Inktober2022 Day 20


Yes, I’m late getting started with Inktober this year–this is my first contribution.

Rather than using the official prompt, I chose to use today’s prompt from the zentangle Facebook group I belong to, Tangle All Around. They’re doing a challenge this month called Twinchietober. You’re supposed to make your tangle on a 2-inch twinchie, but I did mine on a regular 3 1/2-inch artist tile. The pattern is a variation of Lepal by Toni Friese.

A variation of Lepal by Toni Friese