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Creative Juice #335


Quilts, books, and a different take on public art; then it’s all about Ireland.

  • Some modern takes on the classic log cabin quilt.
  • Best books for adults to read. I’ve read 7 of the 23 titles on this list, and they all gave me lots to think about. Some of these books are also appropriate for children.
  • Beautiful farmhouse, beautiful illustrations, beautiful book.
  • Earth murals.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day! So the rest of today’s links celebrate the Emerald Isle.

I’d Rather Be Dancing Irish Folk Dances, Part II

I’d Rather Be Dancing Irish Folk Dances, Part II

Two months ago, I posted an article on Irish Folk Dances. After it went live, I thought, oh, man, I could have saved this for St. Patrick’s Day. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. I invite you to click on the link, because that article has all my favorite Irish folk dances on it.

On the bright side, because St. Paddy’s Day is best celebrated by going to a ceili (Irish social dance), I scoured the internet to find some more Irish dances, all new to me. And they are just delightful.

High Caul Cap. This is danced in squares, each square formed by four couples. For the last repetition in this video, two squares join together and dance in a circle. As a social dance it looks like this:

As a step dance, the feet are lifted higher, like this:

Siamse Bierte.

Seige of Ennis:

Harvest Time Jig:

Antrim Reel:

Irish Lilt:

Rakes of Mallow is often taught to elementary school students. (I am jealous of this well-instrumented music room.)

Creative Juice #210

Creative Juice #210

So much here to tickle your fancy—and your curiosity.

The Irish Cultural Center, Phoenix, Arizona

The Irish Cultural Center, Phoenix, Arizona

Right in the center of bustling, modern Phoenix rises a complex of stone structures reminiscent of medieval times.








Pass through the gates and you realize you’re somewhere magical.

The Irish Cultural Center is many things: a monument to a people devastated by famine; a place where Irish-Americans can research their roots; an academy where you can learn to play harp or bodhran, speak Gaelic, or dance Irish and Scottish dances; home to a rare facsimile of the Book of Kells; a library housing collections of Irish literature and history. It is also where the Phoenix International Folk Dancers meet every Tuesday night, in the building pictured below.


By far the largest building is the McClelland Library.





The Visitor’s Center looks like a quaint Irish cottage. It also contains a gift shop.


Though the buildings look hundreds of years old, they were constructed after 2000.


And here is a monument commemorating  the deaths of 1,500,000 people during the Great Hunger of 1845-1850:IMG_0605IMG_0607IMG_0606

For more information about the Irish Cultural Center, see their website.

Video of the Week #38

Video of the Week #38

In honor of St. Paddy, here are beautiful views of Ireland accompanied by the music of Altan.