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Creative Juice #121

Creative Juice #121

Ending the year with lots of creative ideas.


The Cat’s Meow

The Cat’s Meow

We’re visiting Etsy today, that great online marketplace where you can find something for anyone, even the crazy cat lady in your life. Today’s focus is cat jewelry. I selected only items that I would be happy to wear. (By the way, feel free to buy me any or all.)

No feline-loving female should have to live without a cat necklace. (Click the description for more information. Click the images to see enlargements and captions.)

Stylized cat. Seated cat. Origami cat face.

Gold cat. Hanging-by-tail cat. Pick-a-stone cat.

Folded cat. Teeny cat. Art cat.

Stretching cat. Hanging-by-paws cat. Sleeping cat. 2D cat.

No self-respecting cat lady is happy unless her earlobes are decorated with cats.

Ceramic studs. Mismatched cats. Ceramic dangles.

Bracelets for cat lady wrists:

Basket cats. Denim cat.

And I don’t know why, but this one reminds me of the Deathly Hallows symbol:

And finally, a ring that can be made to your catty specifications:

As I said earlier, I like ALL of these pieces, but my very favorites are the origami cat face and the art cat necklaces.

What about you? Do you like cats, or live with some? (We currently have two, but have owned as many as four at one time. Five of our former kitties have passed on.) Does any of this jewelry particularly appeal to you? Share in the comments below.

Creative Juice #11

Creative Juice #11

Fourteen articles to impart sweet delight to your day:

Yarn and Beads

Yarn and Beads


In a previous article, I posted a video featuring this VW bug decorated with millions of tiny seed beads (Photos by Museo de arte popular). It was my introduction to the art of the Huichol people of Mexico.

Here is an explanation of the origin of Huichol art:

Thanks to websites like Etsy.com, authentic Huichol art is readily available without a trip to Mexico. All the below items were for sale as of mid-August.

Animals have particular significance to the Huichol. (Click on the smaller images for an enlargement and to see the captions. Click on the links below for purchasing information.)

Wolf. Deer. TurtleBull.

Traditional designs are employed in these beautiful necklaces.

Chokers. Medallion. Yellow/orange necklace. Red necklace. Sun necklace.

And also in other useful articles.

Dog collars. Wallet.

Circular bead painting

Circular bead painting.

Like some of the Native American tribes of the Southwest, the Huichol take part in ancient peyote ceremonies to contact their ancestors to seek healing and advice. The artwork is inspired by these journeys.

Vintage gourd bowl

Vintage beaded prayer bowl.

Shaman yarn painting. Skull.

Want to see some more?

Creative Juice (Your Input Needed)

Creative Juice (Your Input Needed)

I’m thinking of starting a new Friday feature on ARHtistic License: a compilation of articles I read online each week that appeal to me, and that other creative people (like you) might enjoy. Here is the initial batch:

So, what do you think?

Was there anything here that tickled your fancy? Would you check in with ARHtistic License every Friday if I continue? Did you read (or write) an article this week that would interest creatives? Please share in the comments below.

Fantasy Jewelry as a Byproduct of Cancer

Fantasy Jewelry as a Byproduct of Cancer

Israeli artist Shirli Matatia created drawings and sculptures all through her young life, but it wasn’t until after high school, when she saw jewelry designer on a career skills questionnaire, that she knew how she wanted to use her talent.


Matatia earned a degree in jewelry design from Shenkar College in Israel, then worked for five years as a goldsmith in a gold and diamonds jewelry factory, learning the practical side of the industry.

Then, in 2008, a lump she discovered at the base of her neck turned out to be cancer.

During chemotherapy, losing her hair provided her with the motivation to try something new. Since she didn’t like wearing a wig or a hat, she toyed with the idea of taking attention away from her head by making herself a cool piece of jewelry. She created a silver leaf and berry cartilage earring.

Leaves and berries
(Honestly, it’s so cute, I’m considering getting my cartilage pierced.)

Though her treatment was successful, the realization that she could die any day burdened her heart.

She decided to quit her day job and open her own company designing, manufacturing, and selling her own line of jewelry.


Manufacturing isn’t exactly the correct term. Each item is hand-crafted.

“I usually begin with a sketch to get the general idea down,” says Matatia, “and then I start to think about the technical aspects of how I will produce it. Next, I hand-make a prototype of the design in wax or sheet metal, and from there, a rubber mold is made for casting the designs in gold or silver. That part of the process takes two to three weeks, depending on the materials; it definitely requires patience. When I have the cast pieces back, I do my soldering and finish the jewel. The best part of my job is seeing the finished design for the first time — when I finally see it in real metal and it comes to life.”

Because the pieces are made by hand, if a client would like something customized, say, out of gold instead of silver, or with a different stone in it, Matatia can usually make it to the customer’s specifications.

Matatia sells her creations in her two Etsy shops.

Here are some of her selections from Shirli Classic Jewelry (you can click on the smaller images to view an enlargement):

And the styles shown below are from her Fantasy line:

Many of the pieces are inspired by Celtic designs.

WowThis is my favorite (it’s the piece I saw while surfing Etsy that made me want to find out about the artist), but I don’t think I can wear it. My ears stick out too far. Plus, I’m an old lady–it might look weird on me.

Which one is your favorite? Share in the comments below.


N is for Necklace

N is for Necklace

Today’s post is a treat for the eyes and the neck–a sampling of hand-crafted necklaces culled from Etsy.com. And the best thing about these necklaces is the prices. From $8 to $48, none is outrageously expensive.

To make it simple for you to purchase any of these necklaces (or see more designs from their makers) I’ve hyperlinked their webpages to their highlighted names. Some of the creators explain their processes.

I couldn’t help but notice that many of the necklaces that spoke to me fell into certain categories.

For example, the animal kingdom. Click on the smaller pictures to see an enlargement.

Octopus and sea water, Kitty, Frog, Fox locketTurtle in sea glass, Cicada.

Have you ever kept a rat as a pet?


I never thought I’d find one, much less two, cute little sloth necklaces.

Sloth 2

Above sloth. Below sloth.


Next, celestial bodies.

Moon. Individual planets.

Left solar system. Right solar system. And a glow-in-the-dark star:

Glowing star

Trees of life:

Silver tree of life, jade tree of life.

Unique favorites that don’t fit in a category:


What can I say? I’m an Arizona girl. I love cactus.




Cute little T-rex.

Plant Skeleton

Lacy plant skeleton.

Pearl Cage

Cinderella’s coach/pearl cage.




DNA double helix.


Necklace inspired by Tris’ first tattoo in Divergent.

Celtic Wolf

Celtic wolf.

Bola ball

Bola ball. Contains a colored bead that chimes. Traditionally worn during pregnancy in certain cultures.




Slice of agate.


Cascading chains.


15% of the proceeds of sales of the above necklace go to Bernie Sanders‘ presidential campaign.

I don’t think I could wear the Bernie Sanders one, but I’d happily wear any of the other necklaces. Well, maybe not the cicada. Or the rat. Or the sloths. Or the dinosaur. I think my #1 favorite is the plant skeleton.


What about you? Which necklace is your favorite? Vote in the comments below.

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