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What brings joy in life?

  • wildflowers
  • sunshine and blue skies with fluffy white clouds
  • waterfalls
  • a baby’s laugh
  • a soft touch
  • a song
  • a silly joke
  • a real old-fashioned letter
  • a lost item found

From the Creator’s Heart #341


Guest Post: The Things That Make Life Beautiful, by Katie of The Grief Reality


Thank you to Katie of The Grief Reality for permission to repost this wonderful article of beauty and joy.

  1. A morning cup of coffee, just the way you like it.
  2. Long autumnal walks with leaves that crunch under your wellies.
  3. All of the music that your favourite bands are yet to release.
  4. The concerts you are yet to attend.
  5. Walks along the coast that are so windy the breath is taken right out of you.
  6. When you come across a little cafe that sells gluten free baked goods! 
  7. Barbecues that go on late into the night until the flames have died down to orange glowing embers.
  8. The feeling after a long laugh.
  9. Weekends away in cosy cabins.

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From the Creator’s Heart #277

Scripture, singing, joy

From the Creator’s Heart #259


Holly Mitchell Romans 15-13

Artwork by Holly Mitchell. Check out her beautiful art blog.

Monday Morning Wisdom #242



Monday Morning Wisdom #237



NaPoWriMo2019 #7


Thank you, God.


I know the secret of joy
And I want to give it to you.
I challenge you to give it to
As many people as you can.

The secret of joy is gratitude.
Thank God for everything.
For the pebble in your shoe.
For rush hour traffic.
For the thirty-ninth rainy day in a row.
For your favorite show pre-empted by breaking news.

The miracle is,
When you thank God for everything,
He will give you more to be grateful for.
He will give you new perspective.
Frustration and disappointment melt away
Making room for immeasurable joy.

Not happiness.
No, happiness is fickle.
Happiness can disappear in an instant.
But joy transforms.
Joy changes your world and your outlook.
Joy makes all things fresh and new and remarkable.

Don’t believe me?
Prove me wrong.
Buy a notebook.
Everyday, write down something to thank God for.
It doesn’t matter if it’s mundane,
Like finding a stamp so you can mail a birthday card.
Before long you’ll be noticing more and more gifts from God to you.
Little tokens of His love.
Little expressions of your uniqueness and your specialness to Him.

I know the secret of joy
And I’m giving it to you.
Give it to as many people as you can.



In the Meme Time: Simple Joy


simple joy

ICAD Day 6: Top Ten Joymakers

ICAD Day 6: Top Ten Joymakers


I am participating in the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge. During June and July, I intend to do something creative every day–a little something, just big enough to fit on an index card. Visit ICAD 2016’s Facebook page if you would like so see what other participants are doing.