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OctPoWriMo2022 Day 21


Today I’m using the prompt from Day 8.

Strange and Wonderful

You’ve always been kind of an oddball
(I mean that in the most wonderful way)
Not seeing the obvious
But pursuing unseen unicorns
Delving the hidden meaning of the mundane

You’ve always been a wonder
Surprising me with unexpected gifts
That I didn’t know I wanted
Showering me with gadgets
I never knew existed

You’ve always been a childlike genius
Delighting in simple discoveries
Pointing out their great complexities
And their momentous implications
Like a tot gleefully blowing dandelion seeds across a flawless lawn

You’ve always been an experimenter
Embracing and abandoning passions
Cluttering the house with all your accoutrements
Ready to flit on to the next great exploration
Like a mad scientist/butterfly

Ours is a strange and wonderful relationship
(You’re strange and I’m wonderful)
My friends tell me I’m tolerant
Or is it just that I’m amused
Viewing the world through your lens


NaPoWriMo Day 10


Today’s prompt is love poem.

Wedding cake
How Love Changes After Half a Century

I love that when I say I like something,
you say, “I’ll buy it for you.”
Not that I actually want it,
but that you’re so generous toward me.

I love the little details that you remember 
about things that happened fifty years ago.
You can’t remember what day it is
(or what chore I asked you to do),
but you know what I wore on our first date.
You recall that I kicked off my shoes 
and tucked my feet up on the bench.
(I couldn’t do that now if I my life depended on it.)

I love that when I reach over to fasten your seat belt,
you say, “Your gray hair is so beautiful.”
When I object that nobody says that to a woman,
you say, “But it looks like silver.”

I love that a day doesn’t go by
that you don’t thank me for being your caretaker.
I feel guilty that I get impatient with you
for the time and attention you require.
Will you forgive me?