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NaPoWriMo2019 #13



What If

What if
What if dogs are God’s instruments of karma
Paying you back for all the good (or crap) you have ever done?

What if you could make beautiful instruments out of cast-off items from a landfill?

What if you tried really, really hard—could you fly from your roof to the supermarket?
Could you swim across the ocean?
Could you jump to Mars?

What if you added glitter to brown paint? Could you paint a mud puddle reflecting the light of the sun?

What if you brewed leaves in hot water and drank it like tea? Would it taste good? Would it cure cancer?

What if you walked backwards three times around your best friend? Would it make her forget the mean thing you said to her five minutes ago?

What if you built a skyscraper with titanium beams instead of steel? Could you build it into a spiral instead of a column?

What if people smiled at everyone they passed?

What if you buried a dollar in the ground and a money tree sprouted up from it?

What if you could hold an idea in your hand?



Writing 101 Days 1 and 2


I’m taking Writing 101: A Poem a Day through WordPress Blogging U. Today should be Day 3, but I’m just getting around to the first two assignments. Hopefully I’ll eventually catch up.

I’m a horrible poet—which is why I wanted to take this challenge. Maybe I can improve with practice.Typing on laptop DeathtoStock

I thought I’d start with haiku, since I find the form delightful, yet challenging.


disparate pieces

some assembly required

come together whole


Should I have done it?

I wish I hadn’t done it.

Sorrow and regret.