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Creative Juice #276

Creative Juice #276

For creative people everywhere.

  • Wallpaper. You either hate it or love it. Here are some designs that might win you over.
  • This quilter finished a lot of lovely quilts in 2021.
  • A bunch of pretty quilts in different stages.
  • These ceramic mugs are works of art. (If you like animals, you’ve got to click this link.)
  • Wildlife photographs.
  • Do creative people ever misplace their tools? (Guilty.)
  • What habitual reading does for your brain.
  • Street photography.
  • What is it about successful authors that made their careers take off?
  • Resources for writers.
  • So, you quit your day job to write fulltime and now you can’t pay the bills? Here are some side hustles that will earn you a little cash and also help you be a better writer. Lots of openings right now.
  • How to generate content quickly.

H is for Hanna Hutchinson


Those of you who know my unicorn obsession can just imagine my reaction when author Joanna Meyer posted this picture on Facebook:Unicorn mug

That’s right. Despite how beautiful her books look on the shelf, I immediately fixated on the mug. Joanna kindly steered me to her friend, writer Hanna Hutchinson (aka Hanna C. Howard), who is also an awesome artist, and sells her hand-painted mugs on her Etsy shop, Ophelia’s Gypsy Caravan.

She’s incredibly cute, too. Here she is showing us how she works:

There are no more of the unicorn mug above in her shop, but she does take custom orders, so I guess I could request one. . .

She also has other unicorn designs, as well as some equally lovely other products.

unicorn 1

unicorn 2


Most of the mugs also have a literary quote, though it might not be visible in the photograph.

trees 1




butterfly 1

Dr Who


And there are also a couple of t-shirts. I especially like this one:


To see more items, or to find pricing info, visit Ophelia’s Gypsy Caravan.


In the Meme Time: I Need This Mug

In the Meme Time: I Need This Mug

Found on Pinterest: