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Creative Juice #100

Creative Juice #100

Back with creative inspiration.

Creative Juice #85

Creative Juice #85

Inspiration for creative folks:


Creative Juice #82

Creative Juice #82

Good stuff to read this weekend. Inspire yourself!

Creative Juice #81

Creative Juice #81

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Creative Juice #71

Creative Juice #71

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Creative Juice #70

Creative Juice #70

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Creativie Juice #68

Creativie Juice #68

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  6. This article about Picasso summarizes: “Not only has massive chunks of our culture been created by specific men who abuse women but also that so-called ‘Western culture’ in its entirety has been marked and in many ways defined by systemic and institutionalized misogyny that has chewed up women for art and discarded them en masse.” Some things never change. Or can they?
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Creative Juice #59

Creative Juice #59

Beautiful, unusual, entertaining, fun, and creative:

Creative Juice #57

Creative Juice #57

Just in time for the weekend—thirteen articles to tickle your creative impulses:

Walk in the Art District

Walk in the Art District

On Tuesday nights, on my way home from folk dancing at the Irish Cultural Center, I pass through part of the Phoenix art scene called Roosevelt Row. Many of the buildings have murals painted on them, and I longed to see what they look like in the daylight, so several weeks ago I took a field trip. I’ve already posted photos of the Irish Cultural Center and the nearby Trinity Cathedral.

But let’s back up a little. I took some pictures in front of the quirky FOUND:RE Hotel on Central Avenue next to the Irish Cultural Center:


On the corner of Roosevelt and Central stands this monument:





I realized I’d left my water bottle in the car when I boarded the light rail, so I stopped at a doughnut shop for an iced green tea.

Here’s what the building looks like from the side:


Pretty flowers, right? Lots of nice plantings in Phoenix.

A little further on is a restaurant called Carly’s Bistro, which I like because my oldest daughter’s name is Carly. The walls all around are covered with murals.


Did I mention murals are common on Roosevelt Row?















This mural appears on the fellowship hall of the church below.


The Stella Artois people set up an “Art of the Chalice” event.


Pretty tour bus:


The back of an Art Gallery called First Studio:


Characters from a local children’s television show that ran from 1954 to 1989, Wallace and Ladmo. My daughter Carly attended a taping, but did not score a coveted Ladmo bag.


This historic post office now “belongs” to Arizona State University.


I barely scratched the art district. I’ll have to go back and take more photos. Next time, maybe I’ll visit some of the galleries.