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Octangling2021 Day 22


Today’s design is l’Eaura by Ria Matheussen:


Octangling2021 Day 20


Today’s pattern is croissant, by Yu Ru Chen. I made a variation:

Croissant variation

Octangling2021 Day 18


This is actually tomorrow’s pattern, but I wanted to do it today–Maryhill by Betsy Wilson:


Octangling2021 Day 14


In the center is Y-Knot by Hyan Ju Park surrounded by Mulhouse Border by Neil Burley:

Y-Knot with Mulhouse Border

Octangling2021 Day 12


This pattern is called mmm foresty. (Why do I hear Homer Simpson’s voice saying that?) It’s actually tomorrow’s pattern, but I saw it and knew it would be satisfying to draw, so I did it today. As I was working, I thought about how beautiful this could be using different colors of green, blue-green, and yellow-green ink, or overpainted with those colors in watercolor. I also thought of a different way to shade it. I think I will try out all my ideas eventually. . .

mmm foresty

Octangling2021 Day 11


Today is an odd-numbered day, so I’d plan to write a poem, but I wasn’t feeling poetic. . . but I did feel like drawing. The design for today is Trellis by Alice Hendon:


Octangling2021 Day 10


The pattern is Verve, designed by JJ LaBarbera:


Octangling 2021 Day 8


I’m actually combining the Day 7 and Day 8 prompts. That’s Kilroy (by MoonAttic) in the center; kalrav (by Dilip P Patel) on either side. To me it suggests a bird-watching expedition.

Kilroy and Kalrav

Octangling2021 Day 6


Today’s pattern is Torus by YuRu Chen:


Octangling2021 Day 2: Mi2


For Inktober this year, I will mostly be following the prompts for Octangling, a project of the Facebook group Tangle All Around that I belong to. The group is tangling their patterns on a 31-slot template, but since I’m only participating every other day (and writing poems on the odd-numbered days), I’ve chosen to do my tangling on individual tiles. Today’s design is Mi2 by Mimi Lempart: