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Creative Juice #248

Creative Juice #248

Stuff inspiring and strange.

  • My kids are full-fledged adults now, or I would be really tempted to buy these incredible toys for them. Maybe if I ever have grandbabies. . .
  • There are rules for creativity (but one of them is create your own rules).
  • For the writers: I am critiquing a romance right now, and I’m so impressed with the author’s pacing. The words disappear and I’m watching the action play out like a movie in my head. I love that as a reader. How do I do that as a writer?
  • I recently bought a few new brushes, and one of them was a wedge. I can’t wait to try it, probably next month during World Watercolor Month.
  • I love the fabrics this quilter selected for her challenge block.
  • Here is another artist who is participating in the Index-Card-a-Day challenge.
  • When my son was a little boy, he called certain cars “face cars.” The term “face” came up in this article about how to draw a car.
  • Colorful chameleons. I’m itching to paint them.
  • Islamic tile work.
  • My God, what have we done to the earth?
  • I know about the painted desert, but I never heard of the painted cliffs.
  • The validation of seeing your photograph on a billboard.

Creative Juice #104

Creative Juice #104

Inspiring works of art: