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P is for Painting with Paper

P is for Painting with Paper

While visiting the Arizona Fine Art Expo, I was blown away by the art of Janelle Lindley, characterized by bright color and grand scale. Looking closely at the artwork, I discovered printing on the canvas. It seemed to me that fragments of paper were stuck to the surface.

The artist came by and asked if I had any questions.

Yes. Is this…collage?”

“It’s a collage technique. I call it paper painting.

She stepped over to a shelving unit and pulled out a storage bin. Inside were scraps of paper painted yellow. Other bins held more painted paper scraps, organized by color.


“I take apart old books, magazines, and catalogs (though not the glossy-paper type) and paint the pages. Then I tear the paper and use it to ‘paint’ my images.”

I noticed that some of the paper was old sheet music, which especially pleased me.

Lindley glues the paper fragments in place with gel medium applied with a brush. She (or her husband) seals the completed works with varnish or resin.DSC00945

The finished products are remarkable for their complexity, shading, and detail.






On a Quest Janelle Lindley

See more of Janelle Lindley’s artwork on Arizona Fine Art Expo’s website.

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