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The Art of the Pencil Case

The Art of the Pencil Case

The other day I looked at some old emails from Etsy and here’s what caught my eye:

PC Leather 2

Isn’t that a gorgeous leather pencil case? Who wouldn’t love receiving it as a gift?

So I did a search for pencil cases on Etsy and found many unique ones, unlike the cases I saw in local stores during back-to-school sales. Here are some that caught my eye, many of them handmade (click the highlighted words below each picture to see the product information):

PC Llamas

Animals, like these llamas and otters, are a popular theme.

PC Corgi


PC Sloth


PC Flamingo


PC Shark

And sea life, especially sharks. Sharks, style 1.

PC Shark 2

Sharks, style 2.

PC Fish

I think this is a carp.PC Unicorn

And, of course, if there are any unicorns, I will find them. Unicorn, whole.

PC Unicorn2

Unicorn, from eyelashes up.

PC Mermaid

Also from the mythical realm, mermaid.

And a final animal. Is that–

PC Taxidermy

Yes, it is–made from a dead (taxidermy) rat.

PC Taxidermy2

With an attached pencil sharpener, strategically located. You’re welcome.

Okay, let’s erase that image with a little bling:

PC Sequins


PC Science

For the science nerds.

PC Fruit


PC Tribal

Lovely tribal look.

PC Roll

Wow! I could put all my colored pencils in this roll-up instead of an old mayonnaise jar.

PC Marble


PC Hogwarts

Hogwarts houses. (If you don’t know what that means, read the Harry Potter series already, you muggle.)

PC Bones

Glow-in-the-dark human bones.

PC Liberty

Lovely classic Liberty of London fabric.

PC Rose


PC Monet

Monet waterlilies. This comes in different sizes.

PC Wood


PC Laser cut

Laser-cut lidded cases.

Okay, your turn. Share in the comments below: which are your favorites? I’m partial to the llamas, sloths, carp, Hogwarts, and science ones.

I ordered the Hogwarts one. Couldn’t resist.