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Creative Juice #292

Creative Juice #292

Beautiful quilts. Articles on writing. Bluegrass music. Photography. And more.

  • Pets trying to hide.
  • Wildlife in Botswana.
  • Pretty quilts.
  • Round robin quilts.
  • For most of my life, I’ve been conservative in my beliefs. Conservatives resist change. However, now that the world is so insane, I see the need for change. . .
  • Prizewinning quilts.
  • Like bluegrass? Listen to some wonderful covers. The Petersens.
  • Journaling for fiction writers.
  • I had Scrivener (writing software) on my previous laptop, and I was thinking about buying it again for my new one. On the one hand, I like some of the features, but on the other hand, do I really want to spend the money? I never understood the full functionality of Scrivener anyway. Now I see there is another software, Plottr, with a free trial, and is in some ways superior to Scrivener (although I realize that’s a subjective judgment). See this comparison of Scrivener and Plottr.
  • What do Ukranian refugees need. Quilts, of course. (You had to ask?)
  • There was a wisteria tree in our front yard when I was a little girl. My dad loved flowers, and he loved that tree. Here are some beautiful ones in Japan.
  • Kehinde Wiley first appeared on my radar when his official portrait of President Barack Obama was unveiled. But did you know he’s also an accomplished sculptor?

Creative Juice #280

Creative Juice #280

Read and recharge.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pets

Zoe. May she rest in peace.

More pic of the week.

NaPoWriMo Day Twenty-Nine: Tell Me Your History



Selfie with Ralph

Tell Me Your History
by ARHuelsenbeck

What happened to you in
your past life, Ralph?
Why is it that you cringe and
run away when I stoop to
pet you? Why do you refuse
to take a treat from my
hand, but grab it when I
put it on the floor and step back?
Why do you growl at Daddy,
who’s never ever hurt you?

The neighbors laugh when
they see me walking west
with you. They say, “Doesn’t
it defeat the purpose if you
carry your dog on your
walk?” I have to explain
you only walk toward the
house, never away.

You’re so damaged. You
never come when I call you.
I can only touch you when
you are in your safe places,
your little beds throughout the
house. We’ll never know what
happened before you came to
the shelter, a stray. But don’t
worry; you’re safe now.


Creative Juice #149

Creative Juice #149

Read these wonderful articles, and spend the rest of the weekend creating stuff.

Wordless Wednesday: Our Little Rudi



Creative Juice #77

Creative Juice #77

Art and photography and books and sketches and a workroom and music and travels and the aftermath.

The Day Milo Went AWOL . . . by Andrea R Huelsenbeck

The Day Milo Went AWOL . . . by Andrea R Huelsenbeck

An oldy, but a goody. Un-smiley face graphic by Kaz Vorpal.

Doing Life Together

California King Snake California King Snake

As I was readying to leave for work one day fifteen years ago, my daughter Erin, then fifteen years old and the last of our children to leave for school in the morning, breathlessly announced, “There’s a snake in my pants!”

Now, in some homes, a statement like that might be alarming. However, in our house, it was pretty typical.

Firstly, my kids tended to keep their clothes on the floor. Secondly, although we live in Arizona, we are surrounded on all sides by the greater Phoenix metropolitan area—unlikely a wild reptile wriggled in from the desert. It would probably be one of our resident serpents.

You see, my husband, Greg, an elementary school teacher, collected critters.

So my very logical response to Erin was “Who is it?”

“One of the black and white ones.”

Boy, was I ticked. I had recently flown to New Jersey to…

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