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Tentatively Titled


(This silly little thing is my offering for today’s Daily Post promptTentative.)


stacks-of-books bing public domain

 Tentatively Titled:

Gone with the Wand
To Kill a Mockingjay
From Here to Infinity and Beyond
The Catcher in the Whole Wheat
Jonathan Livingston Robin
A Tale of Two Suburbs
Valley of the Dills
War and Peach
Life of Pie
The Horse Diaperer
The Girl with the Dragon Balloon

Recurring Dream

Recurring Dream

Late to class.
Must retrieve assignment from dorm room.
Elevator doors open, but the floor of the compartment hovers at waist level. How do I get in?
The doors shut.
I press the button again, hoping for a different result.
The doors open, and person after person emerges. I wait and wait, but the line of evacuees, like a parade of ants, continues until the doors slam shut again.
I think about my room on the thirteenth floor. I glance at the entrance to the stairwell. I hit the button again.

The doors part and the elevator cab bounces up and down as if suspended from a Slinky.
I prepare to hurl myself in when it reaches its lowest level.
As I crouch to jump, the doors shut again.
I check my watch. I am so late for class. But my grade depends on submitting my assignment today.
I approach the stairwell, but cannot enter because of the flow of students descending.
Will this nightmare never end?

This is my response to The Daily Post prompt: Elevate.




Greg and Andrea

My husband, Greg, and I

I feel an attraction
To a man of action.
He charms me to distraction.
I watch for his reaction.

I have a major crush
On a man who wields a brush.
His glance gives me a rush
And his wink makes me blush.

I had never ever dated
A man more infatuated,
And though I long debated,
I am so glad that he waited.

Greg and I have been married forty-three years.

This is my offering for The Daily Post prompt, enamored.


Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift

My response to today’s The Daily Post prompt: unfurl:

Paradigm Shift

You spend your early life in classroom after classroom
Progressing from day care to elementary to junior and senior high
And college, chasing the paper that will certify
Your qualification to pursue the life of your dreams
Become the person you were meant to be and
Watch your life unfurladitya-romansa-117344

Then your universe expands to include one more at its center
You fall in love and marry and settle down to
Watch your lives unfurl

Before too long, your love multiplies
New life brings new joy
You set aside your wants and needs to
Watch his hand uncurl

Horsey Limerick

Horsey Limerick

In response to The Daily Post’s prompt, Willy-nilly:

There once was a spotted old filly
Who scared an equestrian silly.
When he tightened her cinch
And it started to pinch,
She bucked and ran ‘round willy-nilly.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Vibrant

A Photo a Week Challenge: Vibrant

My offerings for this week’s challenge: flowers found in my neighborhood (I live in paradise).


Purple sage




Lovely weeds

Photos © ARHuelsenbeck



My offerings for The Daily Post’s photo challenge:



#dyicad2017 Days 34-40

#dyicad2017 Days 34-40

In June and July, I am participating in Daisy Yellow’s Index-Card-a-Day challenge, in which we create a little something on an index card every day–61 mini-masterpieces. And July is World Watercolor Month, so my July cards will feature watercolor. I will be posting my projects every Tuesday.

For Day 34 I used the Daily Post prompt, sail. I am also using this card for World Watercolor Month’s Day 5 prompt, summer sky.


Day 35’s prompt was fav kind of apple. My favorite apple is a pink lady:


Day 36’s prompt was perfume. I think garlic is one of the best fragrances ever. When you smell garlic, it means something delicious is cooking.


I’m off prompt for Day 37. I was itching to do some Zentangle. The design below is called bumpkenz.


Day 38’s prompt was charcoal.


Day 39’s prompt was ampersand. This card is sloppier than I would like; I should have used a smaller brush.


I’m off prompt again on Day 40. You had to know I’d eventually draw a unicorn.


I’m having so much fun with these challenges, and you can, too. It’s not too late to join! You don’t even have to make up the days you missed. Click the links in the first paragraph for more details.


It’s Easy Being Green

It’s Easy Being Green

Participating in The Daily Post’s Photo Challenge:

Experimenting with Poetic Forms


Trying to get away from straight free verse to incorporate some structure into my poetry, I’m experimenting with acrostic, haiku, and etheree. Definitions of these terms can be found at one of my favorite online resources, Shadow Poetry.






Multiple demands
Much to do, so little time
Passes in a blur



In the
Middle of,
From every point on
The circumference or
Surface of a circle or
Sphere; or the primary site where
An activity or a business
Originated or is headquartered.

The last poem is in response to a Daily Post Daily Prompt.