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Honk If You Love…


My response to the Daily Post prompt.handheart

Honk if you love:

The beach
The clean smell of the air after a rain
Biting the least attractive piece in a box of assorted chocolates and discovering it’s the best thing you’ve ever tasted
Taking an item to the checkout and finding out it’s 50% off
Quitting time on Fridays
Getting a hand-written letter
Kissing your sweetheart
Family heirlooms
Bumping into an old friend
Finding $20 you forgot you had
A night sky full of stars

A Photo a Week Challenge​: Crossed Lines


For the Photo a Week Challenge:


My Pain in a Black Disguise


In response to today’s Daily Post promptFaint.

My Pain in a Black Disguise

On my failed canvas I overpaint
This time allowing myself no preconceived expectations
Mindful only of each stroke of the brushblack square
And selecting only bright colors
Straight from the tube, no muting

The movement on the surface pleases me
Draws my eyes ‘round
Never lingering for long
Until I see it: the faint outline of the portrait
I’m trying to forget

I take my palette knife
And scrape off the layers
Intended to hide my pain
Pain is inevitable
I paint the whole thing black

© ARHuelsenbeck


Mysterious Acrostic


I’m submitting this as my final OctPoWriMo poem, and also as my offering for today’s Daily Post prompt:

Castle of Mystery

Mysterious walls and towers,
You isolate your inhabitants with your moat
Shielding them from the evil without.
Turrets teem with archers
Ever ready to shower demon attackers with flaming arrows.
Residing within your ramparts are brave warriors,
Inspired poets, devoted clerics,
Obeying the mandate of your monarch to
Uphold the kingdom, glorify God, and
Shelter the remnant of the people forever.



Off the Beaten Track

Off the Beaten Track

Today’s post is doing triple duty. On Sunday I mentioned I was at a writers’ retreat, and I’d love to share my experience. Also, I took a lot of pictures while I was there, knowing I could use them for two of my favorite photography challenges.

This was my second year participating in the Arizona Dreamweavers retreat. (I wrote an article about last year’s retreat.) We stayed at the same location, the Breath of Life retreat house up in the mountains of Pine, AZ.

2017-09-30 09.45.41

The grounds have lots of little places to sit and relax, or meditate, or pray (click on the small images to enlarge):

Arrivals started at 3:00 pm, with bunk selection, followed by a craft and optional henna tattoo. Then dinner (the meals were spectacular! I had the shrimp), and a brief introduction meeting, including a 35-word pitch for a current or finished manuscript. The rest of the evening was free so that we could do what we came to do–for most of us, that meant undisturbed writing. Besides a good-sized meeting room, the retreat house has lots of nooks and crannies to write in.


That’s me in the center in the blue jacket.

The rest of the weekend was loosely structured around meals, with a few optional sessions to gather and talk or do stuff with the other writers. While writing Saturday morning, I felt restless, so I went for a walk with my camera and took photos for my two challenges. First, for the A Photo a Week Challenge, in response to the prompt Off the Beaten Track:

There was a walk scheduled for 3:00 that afternoon, and I had been looking forward to it, but my little photography walk convinced me to skip it. One, the roads were very steep. And two, I had to step carefully, because I’d injured my foot last Tuesday folk dancing. I’d have slowed everyone down.

These are my offerings for Tuesdays of Texture:

Another option for the 3:00 break was an idea session about queries, synopses, and any other writing-related topic of interest. I skipped it, because I was struggling with the project I was working on, and I wanted to push through. After dinner (I had the salmon), I participated in the Master Mind session on Building a Brand, then I wrote until 10:00, when I finished the outline of a middle-grade novel idea I’d journaled about in 2005. I was dead tired because I’d written until 11:30 the night before, and then not slept due to being in unfamiliar surroundings. I’m happy to say I slept much better the second night, despite the trumpeting of the local elk.

I got up at 5:00 the next morning, took a shower because nobody else was up, and drank five cups of coffee while checking in on my favorite blogs. (Candy, the owner of the retreat house had already prepared pump-thermoses of six different kinds of coffee!) Then breakfast was served (did I mention that the meals were fabulous?):


Blueberry French toast, with Canadian bacon and boiled egg.

After breakfast we wrote until lunch. I ate way too much lunch. And there was so much dessert left over from the other two days (this decadent thing made out of ice cream sandwiches and pudding; two different kinds of apple pie; muffins; and cake) that I was compelled to choke down a slice of pumpkin spice cheesecake.

After lunch the group convened for debriefing. My take-aways from the group discussions were:

  • An email newsletter is your #1 marketing tool.
  • An author website is more important for a writer than a blog. Hmmm. I have to think about that.
  • Scholastic and other publishers recognize the need for high-interest, low-reading-level books for Middle Grades and Young Adults, due to the large number of English Language Learners in our schools.

I went to the retreat with the intention of spending as much writing as possible. All I had was a title and some 12-year-old notes–and Scrivener, which I am just learning to use. I managed to create a full outline, 23 scene index cards, and the first 221 words of the manuscript. It was hard going, and at one point I thought I was going to have to abandon the project, but I kept working, and the ideas came. Remember: don’t give up.

I also renewed some friendships from last year, and made some new friends, too.

2017 Arizona Dreamweavers

How about you–are you able to get off the beaten track periodically and just work on something you love, whether it’s writing or quilting or scrapbooking or art? Please share your experience below in the comments.

Tentatively Titled


(This silly little thing is my offering for today’s Daily Post promptTentative.)


stacks-of-books bing public domain

 Tentatively Titled:

Gone with the Wand
To Kill a Mockingjay
From Here to Infinity and Beyond
The Catcher in the Whole Wheat
Jonathan Livingston Robin
A Tale of Two Suburbs
Valley of the Dills
War and Peach
Life of Pie
The Horse Diaperer
The Girl with the Dragon Balloon

Recurring Dream

Recurring Dream

Late to class.
Must retrieve assignment from dorm room.
Elevator doors open, but the floor of the compartment hovers at waist level. How do I get in?
The doors shut.
I press the button again, hoping for a different result.
The doors open, and person after person emerges. I wait and wait, but the line of evacuees, like a parade of ants, continues until the doors slam shut again.
I think about my room on the thirteenth floor. I glance at the entrance to the stairwell. I hit the button again.

The doors part and the elevator cab bounces up and down as if suspended from a Slinky.
I prepare to hurl myself in when it reaches its lowest level.
As I crouch to jump, the doors shut again.
I check my watch. I am so late for class. But my grade depends on submitting my assignment today.
I approach the stairwell, but cannot enter because of the flow of students descending.
Will this nightmare never end?

This is my response to The Daily Post prompt: Elevate.




Greg and Andrea

My husband, Greg, and I

I feel an attraction
To a man of action.
He charms me to distraction.
I watch for his reaction.

I have a major crush
On a man who wields a brush.
His glance gives me a rush
And his wink makes me blush.

I had never ever dated
A man more infatuated,
And though I long debated,
I am so glad that he waited.

Greg and I have been married forty-three years.

This is my offering for The Daily Post prompt, enamored.


Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift

My response to today’s The Daily Post prompt: unfurl:

Paradigm Shift

You spend your early life in classroom after classroom
Progressing from day care to elementary to junior and senior high
And college, chasing the paper that will certify
Your qualification to pursue the life of your dreams
Become the person you were meant to be and
Watch your life unfurladitya-romansa-117344

Then your universe expands to include one more at its center
You fall in love and marry and settle down to
Watch your lives unfurl

Before too long, your love multiplies
New life brings new joy
You set aside your wants and needs to
Watch his hand uncurl

Horsey Limerick

Horsey Limerick

In response to The Daily Post’s prompt, Willy-nilly:

There once was a spotted old filly
Who scared an equestrian silly.
When he tightened her cinch
And it started to pinch,
She bucked and ran ‘round willy-nilly.