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A Photo a Week Challenge: Orange


When I saw Nancy Merill’s prompt for her photo challenge this week, I knew I had just the right shot:

DSC00904 (1)

NaPoWriMo Day 7


Instead of using the NaPoWriMo prompt, I went with The Daily Post one.construction-100593_640

By ARHuelsenbeck

Visible from the highway
The network of steel girders
Held the promise of
Industrious accountants and
Insurance salesmen
Gainfully employed

But the deal fell through
Beams red with rust
Never roofed, never sided
Promise unfulfilled

NaPoWriMo Day 2


I’m utilizing The Daily Post prompt today for my poem.



by ARHuelsenbeck

Crunchy won’t do—
It makes Wilbur sound good to eat.
You’ve got to find me something else.”

The rat sniffed
And took off in a tiff
To search for another word that would satisfy the spider.
He brought her back a label.

I don’t know how that applies to a pig,
Or how being preshrunk would save him from slaughter.
Find me something better.”

Templeton grumbled but reluctantly skulked away.
Soon he returned with a final offering
torn from a box of laundry detergent.

With New Radiant Action.
Wilbur, are you radiant?” Charlotte asked.

The pig danced about,
flashing his dazzling smile and batting his sparkling eyes.

“It’ll have to do,” the weary spider conceded
And set about altering her web design.

I’d Rather Be…

I’d Rather Be…

Who are these friendly people extending their hands toward one another? See their smiles?








The arthritis in my left hip has reached critical mass, and until well after my hip replacement surgery in July, there are certain things I can’t do.

When I saw The Daily Post’s photo challenge this past week, I knew exactly how I would finish this sentence. You see, yesterday was the 31st Phoenix International Folk Dance Festival. I brought my camera and took lots of pictures, but I’d rather be…dancing.

Those lovely people above who look so happy are dancing to an American folk tune called Paul Jones and executing a square dance figure known as a grand right and left. If you scroll through the photos at just the right speed, you’ll get a feel for the sequence.

Or you could watch the short video below.

The festival was delightful, but I missed out on the best fun, the dancing. I have lots more pictures, so I’ll post a whole photo essay on the festival soon.



My response to the Daily Post promptcongregate.



To congregate in the narthex.
Pick up a bulletin.

To enter the sanctuary.
Sit in the last pew, next to the center aisle.

To praise God
With psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs.

To hear the Good News:
Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again.

To commune with the believers—
Bread and wine, body and blood.

To go in peace
To love and serve the Lord.




My offering for today’s Daily Post Prompt.



Mutual concession
Or settling for what you don’t really wantcarnival-2456914__340
Or with (com) promise

I would rather be uncompromising
Than promising away my joy
Or settling at the concession stand

Life is a series of compromises
And with every transaction
I’m farther away from my dreams

Why not a promise
That satisfies my convictions
My confections of perfection






In response to the Daily Post Prompt:

Strategy—the human attempt to attain desirable ends through available means. (~nod to Max McKeown)

I will
Make you mine:chess-1215079_640

Diagnose the problem
Gain perspective
Formulate a plan of action
Utilize whatever ploy necessary
Consider the consequences
Implement my schematic
Proceed from the status quo
To the desired position

Make you mine I will.

poem ©ARHuelsenbeck

Studying Geometry


In answer to the Daily Post prompt, study:640px-Teorema_de_desargues

Studying Geometry

A polygon is the sister of a pollywog.
A rectangle is just a square that was hung on the line rather than dried flat.
A sphere is merely a circle on steroids; it works out with cube, who used to be a square.
Is an equilateral triangle more egalitarian than an isosceles?
How do you know when a triangle’s right?
How can you be so obtuse? Too bad you’re not as acute as me.
Do witches cast hexagons?
Would an octagon be three times more secret than a pentagon?
Is there a rhombus in the rumpus room?
Is a dodecahedron as rare as a dodo bird?

A Photo a Week Challenge: Square


For Nancy Merrill’s photography challenge:

IMG_0921 (1)



Candymaker as Physician


In response to today’s The Daily Post prompt: treat.

Candymaker as Physiciancandy

The confectioner said, you need a treat.
Something soft and something sweet.
She melted butter and poured in sugar
By the cupful.
My teeth twinged, my tongue watered.
A little vanilla, and some nuts,
Rolled in coconut, dipped in chocolate.
She placed a dozen in a white box
Tied with a red ribbon.
Take two and call me in the morning.

I ate two
And then two more
And then four more.

My stomach aching, I called her.
What did you do to me? I’m going to burst.

She said, ah, but good things
Must be taken in moderation.
Too much joy only brings sorrow.
Go to bed and call me tomorrow.

Poem ©ARHuelsenbeck