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More Wonderful Quilting Blogs and Sites

More Wonderful Quilting Blogs and Sites

Way back in 2018 I posted a list of my 12 favorite quilting sites. I still stand by my choices. Some have not been active lately, but you can still find lots of awesome articles and quilt photos on them.

But, four years later, I’ve come across at least eight other blogs and websites that I love just as much. Have you seen these?

  • Quilting Is My Therapy. Angela Walters believes even you can do free motion quilting. In fact, she has designed multiple challenges and produced many video tutorials to help you become the quilter of your dreams.
  • All People Quilt is the website of American Patchwork and Quilting magazine. You can sign up for their email newsletter, which contains links to hundreds of quilt patterns, most of which are free.
  • Frances Quilts. I’ve posted about Frances Arnold in the past, and if you follow my Creative Juice feature on Fridays, you’ve seen much of Frances’ work over the last few years. She has also created free quilting challenges and quilt patterns.
  • Quilty Folk. Audrey always has a bunch of quilts in-progress. I love seeing them at different stages, and I am always blown away by the finishes.
  • Crazy Quilter on a Bike. As you can tell from the name of this chock full o’ beautiful quilts blog, Elaine, the author, is also whimsical.
  • From My Carolina Home. Carole is a girl after my own heart. She not only quilts, but she loves other creative pastimes as well.
  • Chopin—A Passionate Quilter From Texas. Nanette makes lots of beautiful quilts.
  • Quilting Daily. I’ve just signed up to follow this website, and I haven’t fully explored it yet. Much of the content requires a subscription, but there is a lot to see.

Quilters, now it’s your turn. Do you like a quilting blog or website that is not on either of my lists? Or do you blog about quilting? Leave a link in the comments below.

12 Best Quilting Blogs


I love looking at beautiful quilts. I get much of my inspiration on Pinterest. I also have my own Pretty Quilts board, a Quilting Tutorial board, and a Free-Motion Quilting board.

Whenever I have a quilting dilemma, I go to YouTube and see if someone has posted a video. How wide should I cut my binding strips? How do I go around the corners? Somebody else has already figured it out.

Because I’m a blogger, I also read lots of blogs about my interests. Here are some of my favorite quilt blogs:

  1. Quilt Inspiration. These gals go to quilt shows and take pictures. They also have an archive of hundreds of free patterns.
  2. Teresa Down Under. Teresa creates the best video tutorials. They’re quick and concise. And she’s made dozens of them.
  3. Treadlemusic. This motorcycling Granny’s specialty is transforming vintage linens into intricately quilted masterpieces. She also brings her camera to quilt guild meetings and shares the show-and-tells.
  4. Catbird Quilt Studio. Melanie is a prolific quilter and she shares her works in progress and her thoughts about quilting.
  5. A Quilting Life. Sherri designs patterns and writes quilt books. There’s a lot of advertising on her blog, but her stuff is gorgeous.
  6. Happy in Quilting. Peg shares whatever she’s working on, plus pictures of her adorable grandchildren.
  7. Sewing Etc. Kathy Reeves quilts, sews, knits, and embroiders.
  8. Lisa Bongean’s Weblog. Lisa posts a block of the week pattern for beautiful sampler quilts.
  9. American Quilt Society. A great source of information about publications and national quilt shows, free patterns and tutorials.
  10. Katy Trail Creations. This blogger shares her quilts as well as anything else she’s doing.
  11. Deep in the Heart of Textiles. Textile Ranger shares her quilts and her love of everything textile.
  12. Peggy and Sami Quilts. Peggy Cooper is the quilter; Sami is her Boston terrier.

I hope you’ll follow some of these excellent quilting blogs. And keep visiting ARHtistic License, too, for pictures of the quilts I’m working on.

Do you have some favorite quilt blogs that aren’t on this list? Please share in the comments below.