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Video of the Week #242: Diamond Quilt Tutorial


Video of the Week #233: Hand Basting Your Quilt


9 Awesome Quilting Tutorials


The internet contains a wealth of resources for anyone who wants to learn a skill such as quilting. Between YouTube and quilting blogs, you can learn everything you need to know to make beautiful quilts. Here are 9 wonderful examples.

  1. Teresa Down Under has many tutorials on her website and on her YouTube channel. This is one of my favorites, and I hope to use this easy pattern soon.
  1. This tutorial inspired me to get a Dresden plate ruler. You don’t have to make the blades from a charm pack; you can use fat quarters or any old bits of fabric you have left over from other projects. You can make them up to 8” tall.
  1. An adorable chicken quilt I’m looking forward to making.
  2. How to make a string quilt.
  3. Pool noodles: an essential quilting tool.
  4. When you have a colorful quilt, how do you decide what color thread to use for the quilting?
  5. The stuff and fluff method of quilting a large quilt on a standard sewing machine. I haven’t done this yet. I recently had a queen-sized quilt professionally quilted because I was too intimidated by this process. (More about that in a future post.) But it’s interesting, and I want to eventually try it.
  1. Someday I’m going to try free-motion quilting. Until then, I’m going to watch tutorials like this one.
  1. How to bind a quilt.

Now it’s your turn. Do you know of a great online quilting tutorial, or have you created one yourself? Please share a link in the comments below.

Video of the Week #222: A Pinwheel Quilt That Looks Complex but is Surprisingly Simple


Video of the Week #133: Easy Chevron Quilt

Video of the Week #133: Easy Chevron Quilt

Quilting Tip Roundup


quiltWhether you’re new to quilting or you’ve been around the quilt block a few times, I bet you’ll find something here that you didn’t already know:

Do you have some quilting tips to pass on? Share in the comments below. And if you liked this post, please click the little star. It takes so little to make me happy.

Guest Post–Video tutorial: English paper piecing (EPP) mini quilt by TeresaDown

Guest Post–Video tutorial: English paper piecing (EPP) mini quilt by TeresaDown

A treat for all the quilters! Many thanks to TeresaDownUnder for this wonderful tutorial that demystifies English paper piecing as we watch over her shoulder. (Be sure to click the link that says “View original post 39 more words” so that you can see the video.)

Sewn Up

Video tutorial: English paper piecing (EPP) mini quilt

This is the perfect project to learn English paper piecing. It’s small enough to get results straight away.

I like the zig zag pattern too. You don’t see it very often but in a large scale, and if you choose your fabrics carefully, the end result can be spectacular.

How to do English paper piecing mini quilt tutorial

Learn to do English paper piecing in just over 2 minutes:

There’re only 3 steps to start doing English paper piecing:

  1. Download the hexagon template (google doc).
  2. Print the required size  (this project uses the 1 inch pattern) on thick or plain paper – I used plain printer paper.
  3. Cut the patterns and get sewing

Two important points to make:

  1. Before printing make sure you’re printing at 100% to avoid surprises.
  2. Leave the paper template in until you have finished sewing all  hexies together

Mini quilt instructions

Print 60  hexagon templates (Google doc).

Make 30…

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