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OctPoWriMo Day 29


The prompt is railroad.

Image found on Walmart.com.
 Train ride to Flemington
 when the kids were little
 we didn’t have much money
 I remember one summer outing
 I drove the oldest three kids to Ringoes
 and we took the train to Flemington
 I think it was their very first train ride
 now, Flemington had once been
 a recreation of a colonial town
 with costumed weavers and glassblowers
 and the Stangl pottery factory
 but by then it was only a quaint village with shops
 I remember we rode in an open air car
 we chugged along fields of goldenrod and Queen Anne’s lace
 and our allergies kicked in
 we didn’t have much money
 but I gave each kid a dollar
 I don’t remember what the girls bought
 but Matt, age 6, got 10 monster finger puppets with wiggly arms
 he called them the Boogie Brothers
 they were hilarious 
 when we got home
 Greg admired Matt’s puppets and gave them all silly names
 Matt calmly told him he was wrong
 Greg held up each puppet one by one
 and said, “What’s this one’s name?”
 and for each one Matt answered in all seriousness “Matt”
 while I laughed until tears rolled down my cheeks