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Seeing Double–Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #407


This is the first time I’ve participated in this challenge, but I saw Sarah’s wonderful post and realized I had a couple of reflection photos I could share.

This is a sculpture at the Phoenix Art Museum, Upside Down, Inside Out by Anish Kapoor:

Here are my daughter Katie and I reflected in the sculpture:

I took this photo at the Gilbert Riparian Preserve and didn’t notice the crazy reflections of the grasses until later:

turtle sunning

Life Lessons Learned from my Parents


This article first appeared on Doing Life Together.

Mom and Dad

My parents on their wedding day, 1951.

Mom passed away in 2004, Dad in 2013. I miss them every day.

In this season between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, I would like to honor my parents by enumerating the ways they made me what I am.

My parents taught me:

To work hard. Whatever chores they assigned me, I was expected to do them well, without complaining, and be happy that I was contributing to my family. (I often disappointed them by not complying with the no complaining and happiness stipulations.) My father worked long hours and sometimes worked a second job to support our family. He worked so hard at his baking job that he eventually became a partner in the business.

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Writing 101 Days 1 and 2


I’m taking Writing 101: A Poem a Day through WordPress Blogging U. Today should be Day 3, but I’m just getting around to the first two assignments. Hopefully I’ll eventually catch up.

I’m a horrible poet—which is why I wanted to take this challenge. Maybe I can improve with practice.Typing on laptop DeathtoStock

I thought I’d start with haiku, since I find the form delightful, yet challenging.


disparate pieces

some assembly required

come together whole


Should I have done it?

I wish I hadn’t done it.

Sorrow and regret.